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Case-8: Swiftness of Homeopathic cure emphasizes on the correctness of the underlying principals

Mrs. S. S. G., 52 years aged home maker (Pin No - 9254) visited Lifeforce on 17th September 2012. She had noticed a wart on her left cheek since 2 months. There was no itching or pain.

Her appetite was normal. She preferred salty food products and disliked sweets. She could not tolerate cold temperature. There were no complaints with sleep, bowels, urine and perspiration.

She was also being treated for Nephrotic syndrome with Dr. Shah’s medication. She was mild and submissive in nature. She had suffered much emotionally due to ill treatment from husband and sons. She stayed in a joint family with sons and their families. The relation with daughter in laws was not cordial.

She had been operated for tumor in ovaries few years back. Her mother had suffered from paralysis. Dr. Shah prescribed her some research based medicines after a detailed case analysis. She visited on 8th November, 2012 with 75% recovery. The size of the wart had reduced significantly in just six weeks.

Life Force has been successfully treating all types of warts. The swiftness of Homeopathic cure only emphasizes the correctness of the underlying principals.

Uploaded by Dr. M.N.P. on 10 November 2012


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