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10 years old boy with psoriasis on finger tips, toe tips, ankles, palms and soles recovered in 8 months with homeopathy.

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Master P. J. K. visited Life Force on 6th March 2013 accompanied by his parents. His Patient Identification Number is 20763. He had been affected with psoriasis involving the finger tips, toe tips, ankles, palms and soles. It had started 4 – 5 months back. Since then he was taking heavy conventional medicines like cyclosporine and cortisone injections. The disease was minimized due to the use of these medicines. The spots were severe necessitating these heavy medicines. His parents had decided to start with Dr. Shah’s homeopathic medicines to minimize the chances of relapses.

He was also suffering from headache since 2 – 3 months. He would have pain 2 – 3 days in a week. The pain would generally set in at 3pm.

His appetite was average. He craved non vegetarian food like chicken, fish and prawns. He could very well tolerate both the extreme of temperatures.

He was a student of 5th grade. His father was a civil engineer. His mother was working as an accountant. He was the only child. He was staying in a joint family with grandparents.

He was a calm and obedient child. He would get angry and quarrel with mother only for watching TV, studying etc.

His paternal grandfather had high blood pressure. His paternal grandmother had diabetes.

Dr. Shah prescribed a research based medicines.

He visited on 8th June with his parents. He had stopped all the conventional medicines by gradual tapering them. It was anticipated that the psoriasis would flare up on stopping these conventional medicines, but it did not. Homeopathy had kept the disease process well under control. His prescription was upgraded by Dr. Shah.

His father reported on 6th August with around 50% recovery in Psoriasis. The finger tips, toe tips and palms were clear. The itching was less. The headache was also better by 50%.

His father reported on 5th October with further improvement of about 75%. Most of his spots were cleared. His headache was better by 75%.

He visited on 2nd November with almost 90% recovery in all the spots. His headache was also nil.

His parents were very happy with the treatment and thanked Dr. Shah.

The child could stop all the strong conventional medicines with the support of Homeopathy and the able guidance of Dr Rajesh Shah.

Uploaded on 7th November 2013 by Dr. M. N. P.


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