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19 years female found 70% improvement in her Psoriasis in just 6 months.

19 years Miss C. S. (Patient Identification Number - 16852) found 70% improvement in her Psoriasis complaints with just 6 months of treatment.

psoriasis on extensor surface of right elbow

She visited our centre on 1st September, 2011. She had this compliant since last 5 - 7 years. It had been recurring every winter, however since last 1 year it was continuous. There were mild patches on the soles, fingers, feet and elbows. Some itching had started on the scalp since the last 10 days. She had noticed it increasing in winter, during exams and stressful periods. She had applied steroid based cream a year back which gave her temporary relief.

She had noticed some hair fall of around 50 – 70 strands/day since the last 6 months.

She was also having migraine once a month, which would be relieved by pain killers.

Her appetite was normal with liking for salty and spicy food. She would perspire more on the palms and soles. She was intolerant to cold weather.

She was completing her graduation in Arts. Her father was a scientific officer in an esteemed research institute. Her mother was a doctorate of medicine. She was the only child.

She was calm, quiet and reserved by nature. She was very creative and logical minded like her father. She described herself as a ‘private person’. She had high level of tolerance, and could control her anger with her reasoning and logical thinking. She had the ambition of becoming an IAS officer. She would get disturbed by fights between her parents or close friends. She was a perfectionist, but had the habit to procrastinate.

Family history: her father was suffering from Diabetes, heart disease and vitiligo. Her mother was suffering from psoriasis, hypothyroidism and spondylitis.

Her case details were studied by Dr. Shah. She was prescribed some research based medicines. The initial progress was very slow. It took almost 3 months medication to bring about some relief. She visited the center on 23/11/11 for follow up. There was overall 15% improvement in her psoriasis patches. Hair fall had not shown any significant improvement. The migraine was also same. Her case was reviewed and she was given an upgraded prescription.

After another 3 months of treatment, she visited the center on 29/02/12. She reported with 50% overall improvement. The lesions on the feet and elbows had completely disappeared. Her hair fall had also shown considerable improvement. Her mother was too happy with the outcome of the treatment of just 6 months.

She is still undergoing treatment to obtain 100% improvement and has tremendous faith that it will be achieved soon.

Uploaded on 7th March 2012 by Dr. MNP

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