Skillful management of Ulcerative colitis by Dr Shah, helped in significant remission

"Dr, I am just 22 years old and I have to take 6 tablets per day to get normal stools, Please help me out of this illness, please help me..."

Mr. A. R. (Patient Identification Number - 8820) visited our clinic on 30th August 2006 with multiple complaints.

He had been suffering from Ulcerative Colitis since the last 2 years. The frequency of stools would be 3-4 times/day with mucus and blood admixed. He would feel ‘incompletely done sensation’. The urging would be ineffectual. Even after defecation , he would not feel that he had evacuated completely, and he would feel uncomfortable. There would be acidity and flatulence too. He would feel extreme weakness and easy fatigability. He also had small joint pains with numbness of hand. He was taking 6 mesacol tablets per day since the last 2 years.

He had been experiencing neck pain and upper back pain since last 1 year. There would be morning stiffness, restricted and painful movement. It would increase while sitting for long time and working on the computer.

He was having recurrent cold since 7 years. It would affect him once in a month for 4 – 6 days. He would get sneezing, nose block, blocked ears, throat irritation and reduced smell sensation. It would increase due to dust, cold drinks. His hoarseness of voice would increase in morning and while shouting.

Migraine had started 1.5 years before, frequenting once in 10 days. There would be throbbing pain in temples and vomiting. Lack of sleep would trigger headaches.

He was an anxious individual. He had anxiety related to his health and business. He was unable to concentrate on work. He had no desire to work due to lack of energy. He said ‘I am hoping to get back my work efficiency with the treatment’. He would easily forget the work assigned to him or any incidence related to it. He was ambitious, would continuously think of how to expand his business. He had now melowed down as compared to his previous "short temper". He would generally express his anger. There was fear of visiting the toilet as the blood loss would make him feel weak. He had a ‘let go’ attitude as he did not like to get into an argument.

He was very stressed due to his illness, he said, " Dr, I am not yet married, I am just 22 years old and I have to take 6 tablets per day to get normal stools, Please help me out of this illness, please help me..."

His appetite was diminished. He liked sweet and spicy food. He was intolerant to cold weather. His sleep was unrefreshing.

His family consisted of parents and younger siblings. He was working with his father in the family business of electronic spare parts. His mother was a home maker. His younger brother and sister were studying.

He had suffered from scabies 6 years ago. He was admitted for hepatitis at 12 years of age. He had suffered from Malaria at the age of 20 years.

There was a strong family history of piles. His paternal grandmother and uncle had complaints of migraine.

He had been investigated with endoscopy which had reported active ulcerative proctatitis and the subsequent biopsy had confirmed ulcerative colitis.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah. Dr Shah prescribed him Carcinosin 30c and Phosphorus 200c along with some research based medicines.
He showed gradual improvement in his health.

On 7 November 2006, he reported to the center for follow up. The bleeding was less, the blood and mucus were also lesser. He wanted to reduce the dose of mesacol, however he was adivsed to wait for some more time.

He reported to the center again in January 2007. He reported 30-40 % improvement. There was considerable improvement in his symptoms. The bleeding had stopped, the mucus had also reduced, the abdominal discomfort wes less. This time he was permitted to slowly reduce the dose of mesacol, one tablet at a time. He was instructed that this was just a process. If the bleeding re occured, he would have to go back to the original dose of mesacol.

After 8 months of treatment (April 2007) – there was 50% improvement in ulcerative colitis. His mesacol tablets were decreased to 4 tablets/ day from 6. His joint pains and cervical pain was much better. His migraine had shown considerable improvement. His recurrent cold had reduced considerably. His case was reviewed and prescription upgraded.

After 1.5 years of treatment (January 2008) – there was further improvement in ulcerative colitis. His weight had increased by 4 kilograms. There was no blood, mucus in stools. The frequency of stools had decreased to once/day. He did not experience weakness anymore. His recurrent cold was completely better. The migraine frequency had significantly reduced. He was still on 3 tablets of mesacol.

After 2.3 years of treatment (November 2008) – there was overall improvement in his health. His mesacol had reduced to 2 tablets/ day. The stools were well formed. The urging for stools sensation had significantly reduced.

He reported after 1.5 years (June 2010) – ulcerative colitis had relapsed mildly since 20 days. Eating out side food had triggered this relapse. There were loose motions with occasional bleeding. He was asked to take mesacol 4 tablets / day by his gastro enterologist. All the other complaints of joint pains and cervical pain were completely better. He had been having urticaria since 2 – 3 months. His case details were analyzed by Dr. Shah and he was prescribed research based medicines.

After 6 months of treatment (December 2010) – he was completely recovered from the ulcerative colitis as well as from urticaria. His mesacol was brought to 1 /day.

He reported after 1.5 years (April 2012) – he was completely cured of ulcerative colitis as he was not on mesacol tablets. In the last eighteen months he had not suffered from loose motions, bleeding mucus... he could even tolerate some amount of outside food. His urticaria had mildly triggered since 2 months. All other complaints were completely better. Since he had recovered from the urticaria earlier with homeopathy, he returned to the center for some more treatment for urticaria.

This case illustrates that homeopathy can effectively cure Ulcerative Colitis with well planned long term strategic treatment.

Since he started homeopathy very early , we were able to help him considerably. Luckily this patient had never been prescribed steroids by his gastroenterologist. Hence we see a permanent recovery.

Case study by Dr. M. N. P

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