Psoriasis affecting confidence in a 25 year old student was boosted after getting relief with Dr. Shah's treatment...He mentioned the Psoriasis being the most stressful thing for him and thus started keeping long hairs in order to hide the patches..

Mr. J.A.S, 25 year male, a CFA student, (PIN 14889) visited Life Force Center on 27 September 2010 for the treatment of Psoriasis.

He was suffering from Psoriasis since last 5 years. He mainly had the psoriatic patches on the scalp and behind the ears.

He presented with psoriatic patches which were very itchy with crack formation and oozing of watery discharge especially behind the ears and the scalp. Initially he would have the patches only in winters which would clear up in the summer season but since last two years the patches are present continuously on the scalp and behind the ears. Mr. J.A.S reported trying alternative treatment like cow therapy but it didn’t help him.

He also complained of having mild back pain on and off.

He was a Chartered Financial Analyst student. His father along with his elder brother was running a plastic business.
His case was studied in detail.

He was a vegetarian and his appetite was good. He had craving for chocolates and ice creams and aversion for sour food. His urine and bowel habits were normal. Thermally he was more tolerant to cold; heat would increase the itching on the skin.

His sleep was sound and refreshing. He had excessive sweating all over.

He had an older brother who was working with his father; they had a stable business.
Being the younger amongst the two siblings, he didn’t have any responsibility; this situation had made him very casual in approach. He didn’t have any big ambitions, he just wanted to finish his studies in finance and join his father’s business. He was not much involved in the family decisions; he mentioned being a part of the family but still being away from them. However the situation didn’t trouble him much as he enjoyed being free from all the responsibilities and liked the freedom.

He mentioned the Psoriasis being the most stressful thing for him he had started keeping long hairs in order to hide the patches.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case details and prescribed Calcarea Carbonicum 30c as the constitutional medicine along with research based medicines.

At the 3 months follow up on 13 January 2011, Mr. J.A.S reported marked improvement in his skin condition. There was improvement in the patches behind the ears and on the scalp. The itching and redness was better. The oozing still continued however it was of lesser intensity.

At the 6 months follow up, on 14 April 2011, Mr. J.A.S reported some increase in his psoriasis, the itching was also more and he was slightly upset with it. Dr Shah enhanced the dose and he was prescribed Calcarea Carbonicum 200c.

At the 9 months follow up on 15 July 2011, Mr. J.A.S reported marked improvement in his psoriasis. He said that in last 2 years, this is the first time when he has seen so much relief in the itching, there were no cracks, no oozing. His skin on the scalp and the ears was appearing normal.

At the 12 months follow up, on 27 September 2011, Mr. J.A.S said,” it’s been one year of treatment and although there were certain mild relapses in my psoriasis but these have settled down very well with the medicines and in last 1 year the situation of the skin has been much better”. His skin was appearing normal with no itching, no scaling and no oozing. He mentioned having a great sense of relief as now he felt confident that he would be completely free from this condition.

At the 15 months follow up; on 8 Feb 2012, Mr. J.A.S reported that he was 95 % better. The skin was normal. There was absolutely no itching, no scaling and no discharge. He said I do not have to bother to hide my skin on the forehead and the ears any more which is a blissful feeling.

He is still continuing the treatment. He said I do not mind continuing the treatment for a longer time as it has really worked positively for me.

The photos of the skin behind the ears, before and after treatment are sufficient to understand his agony and ecstasy.

(Uploaded on 16th Mar 2012 by Dr. ZAR)

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