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A nine years old boy Master A.C. was suffering from severe and extensive Lichen Planus.



A nine years old boy Master A.C. [PIN 12586] was suffering from severe and extensive Lichen Planus. He was suffering from this condition for the past three months. The lesions were spreading every day.

The patient was staying in Bangalore. They filled the Questionnaire, excerpts, of which is given below.

Q: 3. which part of the body is the spots located? It is important for us to know which parts of your body are involved as of now (for instance on the hands, on the legs, on the back, on the chest, on the face, on the nails, on the oral cavity, in the vagina, etc) How much percentage of the body is affected? (Extensively spread or localized to certain parts):

A: On the legs, on the chest , on the back, on the upper lips, on the oral cavity...about 70 % of the bldy is affected, legs and hands are major.

Q: 4. how big or small are the spots at different places? (Approximate dimensions, for instance spot on the legs are the size of mustard seeds, or it is ½ cm x ½ cm patch in size, etc.) Every minute detail is important. Please explain to us the size of Lichen Planus in each area if there is any drastic change in size at different sites:

A: on the legs, hand, genital area, is 1/2cm X1/2cm patches in size on the chest. Patches in size on the chest, back, neck, upper lips, it is the size of mustard seeds.

Q: 5. Please tell us how it has spread (for instance the spots started on the hands and then spread to the legs or spots appeared first on right side and then on left side or vice versa, etc):

A: Spot started from the legs to the area near genitals, then on the hands, then chest, then back, then neck, and then upper lips and now inside the mouth.

Q: 6. is there any itching in the affected areas? If so what is the intensity of it: Severe, moderate or mild?

A: Yes severe.

And so on…

Dr Rajesh Shah studied the case details and prescribed appropriate remedies. In eight months there was 80 % recovery. In the next four months, there was complete recovery in the child Lichen Planus.

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