Age related Osteoarthritis managed effectively with Homeopathy.....

Mrs. S. K. K (Patient Identification Number 15129) was suffering from osteoarthritis since 2 years. She was 74 years old. She was on conventional treatment for 2 years with temporary relief. Then she visited to Life Force for the treatment of osteoarthritis. She had pain and swelling over left knee joint. She had swelling over both the ankles with pitting edema. She had a heavy feeling in her legs. She would get these complaints everyday. Her pain would aggravate while walking and while bending knees. She would get relief by warm application on joints. She also had a complaint of constipation since the last 6 years. She would have ineffectual urge to pass stool and there was passing of stools while urinating. She was vegetarian and had marked cravings for sweets. Her thirst was reduced. She would perspire profusely mainly on back. She suffered from depression in past and had undergone cataract operation. She was mild and affectionate by nature. She had an episode of depression in past; even today she recollects it. She would think continuously and persistently about her past (brooding). Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case details and she was prescribed research based homeopathic medicines for osteoarthritis. After 6 weeks of medication, there was slight improvement in her knee joint and swelling but her constipation and flatulence complaints was the same. After the 4 months of treatment her joint pain and swelling got reduced by 50% and there was significant improvement in her constipation and flatulence complaints. She is still continuing medicines. Her involuntary defecation also stopped. This was very substantial recovery, considering her age. This proves that the body has self healing potential and with proper Homeopathic medicines, under an experienced doctor, the geriatric age group can benefit wonderfully.
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