I got rid of my urticaria forever..

Miss. R. M aged 15years (Patient Identification Number 14570) visited Life Force on 17th July 2010 for the treatment of Urticaria.

She was suffering from Urticaria since one month. She would suffer from hives everyday on hands, face and neck and it would last for few hours to one day. She would also suffer from dermatographism. There was mild to moderate itching. She was not able to detect the allergen for her Urticaria. She was applying some ayurvedic ointment which would give her temporary relief.

She had an average appetite. She had marked cravings for chocolates. Her bowel, urination and sleep were normal. Her menses were regular.

She was very extrovert. She was aggressive and egoistic by nature. She would love music and reading books.

There was no family history of Urticaria in her family but her father was suffering from hypertension. Her mother, maternal grandmother and maternal aunt were suffering from hypothyroidism. Both paternal and maternal grandfather were suffering from cardiomyopathy.

Dr Rajesh Shah studied her case in detail. She was prescribed a research based medicine along with constitutional medicine for Urticaria.

After one month of medicine her Urticaria had reduced by 20%. Her frequency of Urticaria had reduced from every day to once in 2-3 days. But her dermatography was same.

After 6 months of treatment her Urticaria had reduced by 75% but with acute flare up in between, which would subside in no time. The intensity had reduced to a great extent. She continued the treatment.

After 8 months of treatment she had completely recovered from her Urticaria. She was very happy to get rid of this annoying problem.

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