“My treatment has been more than satisfying and LP has been in control and no new eruptions even after stopping the treatment for more than 5 years. Thank you Dr. Shah for the effective treatment."

Mr. M. W. visited Life Force (Patient Identification Number - 7114) on 3rd March 2005. He was 37 years old gentleman suffering from Lichen Planus since 2 years. It was spreading rapidly to the allover body except for face. The itching would increase after bathing. He was taking vitamin tablets and applying cosvate (cortisone) cream.

His appetite was average. He disliked sweets. He was sensitive to cold weather. His sleep, bowels, urination, and thirst were normal. He usually dreamt of someone strangulating him and would wake up frightened.

He was a marketing manager for a medical device company. His wife was a medical transcription. He had a daughter, 11 years old and a son, 2 years old.

His job was stressful being in a marketing field. His relations were cordial with family. He was irritable on trifles. He would express his anger on family and would keep quiet in the office.

His case was studied in detail and prescribed Carcinosin 200c 2 doses and Lycopodium Clavatum 200c by Dr. Shah.

After 4 months of medication, he visited on 2nd July with 40% improvement. There were still new spots appearing on legs and thighs. The itching was reduced. The old spots were healing.

After 8 months of medication, he reported on 25th November with further improvement. The Lichen Planus was spreading on the genitals and thighs. The itching was less. The old lesions on the back, abdomen, hands were drying and healing. The appearance of new spots was bothering him. Dr. Shah reviewed the case and upgraded the prescription.

After 1 year’s medication, he reported on 8th March with overall 50% improvement. The appearance of new spots had stopped. The old spots were healing. The itching was mild. The spots on the thighs and genitals were stable.

He called upon 8th June for follow up and reported with further improvement. There were only a few active spots on the legs. The itching was mild but stable. There were no new spots. The spots on genitals were stable with mild itching.

He reported on 17th October with further improvement. The few active spots were also healing. The itching was present but mild. The spots on genitals were also improving. The itching was mild on genitals.

He reported on 9th February with further improvement. The lesions on legs and genitals were 75% better. There were no new spots, no active spots.

He continued the treatment further and achieved satisfactory relief in Lichen Planus.

He visited the center again on 18 November 2013, he had developed a mild lesion LP on the had after consuming painkillers. He said that there were no complaints in the last five years and he was very satisfied with the treatment.

Uploaded on 27 November 2013 by Dr. M. N. P.

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