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An engineer with psoriasis on elbows, back and abdomen got good recovery with homeopathic treatment.

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44 years old Mr. M. D. (Patient Identification Number - 16375) started online treatment with us on 3rd July 2011. He was suffering from Psoriasis since past 12 years. It had started on scalp and gradually spread on abdomen, back, thighs and elbows. His abdomen was covered by 80% and back was covered by 70% with the lesions. There were few spots on the thighs and elbows. He had severe itching and scaling. There was redness on the lesions. He attributed this spread to some stress in his personal life.

Patient had associated complaint of psoriatic arthritis. He complained of pain in his right ankle.

He preferred eating vegetarian food. His bowel movements and urination were normal. He had profuse perspiration. He had sound and refreshing sleep. He had average thirst.

He was originally from Madhya Pradesh and he had shifted to West Bengal due to his career prospects. He was staying there since last 20 years. He was working as an engineer in an esteemed steel company.

His family consisted of his parents, spouse and 2 daughters. He had a happy family life. His Psoriasis started when his wife had 2 miscarriages. He was stressed due to his wife’s health. His wife’s both the deliveries were stressful due to her weak health.

He was anxious and sensitive by nature. He confessed being harsh to his sub ordinates at his work during the stressful period in his life. He had cordial relations with his parents and his wife.

He had suffered from jaundice during his adolescence.

His mother was a diabetic patient. His first cousin brother was diagnosed with psoriasis.

Dr. Shah prescribed him research based medicines after studying his case in detail.

He gave his progress report via patient support system on 31st October 2011. He was better by 25%. The lesions on elbow and thighs had recovered. There were no new lesions. The itching and scaling on scalp, back and abdomen had reduced up to 25%. The pain in his right ankle was still as it was.

Patient reported on 16th March 2012. There were no new lesions but there was no further recovery. Dr. Shah made necessary changes in his prescription.

Patient reported on 27th August 2012. He was glad to report 50% recovery in his lesions on scalp, back and abdomen. There were no new lesions. The itching and scaling had reduced up to 50%. The pain in his right ankle had mild improvement.

He reported back on 9th November 2012 and 12th March 2013. He had further mild improvement in his lesions on back, scalp and abdomen.

He reported on 11th July 2013. He had further considerable improvement in his lesions on scalp and abdomen. The lesions on his back had further healed considerably. There was 70% recovery in itching and scaling in his scalp and abdomen lesions. There was no redness on the lesions.

He reported on 2nd December 2013, he had complete recovery on his back. The lesions on his scalp and abdomen had healed significantly. There was no itching or scaling. The pain in his right ankle had reduced. Now he had pain occasionally.

He is still continuing medication for complete recovery.

Uploaded on 19th December 2013 by Dr. I. R.


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