3 years old child completely cured from Frequent Colds and Atopic Dermatitis.

3 years old Master A. N. S. (Patient Identification Number - 19582) visited our clinic on 3rd August 2012. He was suffering from Frequent Cold and Coryza since past 1 year. He had complaints like recurrent cold and coryza once in 2 months which used to last for 7 days. He had to take anti biotic and nebulisation as and when required. His complaints were aggravated whenever there was change in weather. On examination his chest and tonsils were normal.

He was a vegetarian with average appetite. He had no specific likes or dislikes. His bowel movements and urine were normal. He had sound sleep.

His mother had high blood pressure during pregnancy. He was a premature baby. He was born 20 days prior to the due date.

His family consisted of his parents, grandparents, paternal uncle and an elder brother who was a kindergarten student. His family was into business.

He was a playful and active child.

His paternal grandfather was suffering from high blood pressure.

Dr. Shah prescribed him research based medications after studying his case in detail.

Patient reported on 23rd October 2012. He had no episode of frequent cold so far. His complaints were aggravated with change of weather.

Patient’s father collected next batch of medication on 15th January 2013 as he was doing well. There were no episodes of frequent colds since past 6 months.

Patient reported on 6th March 2013.He got 1 episode of cold and coryza in last 9 months. Patient was improving gradually. Father complained that child was suffering from Atopic Dermatitis since a month. He had complaints like swelling of both the eyes and itching along with redness all over his body. Patient was taking Syrup Allegra 2.5 ml for 3 weeks. Dr. Shah made necessary changes in his prescription.

Patient visited on 27th May 2013 with his mother. Mother reported 75% improvement in his frequent colds and 50% improvement in his atopic dermatitis .The itching and redness had reduced up to 50%.

Patient reported on 18th September 2013. His frequent colds were 75% better and atopic Dermatitis was completely better. There was one episode of Cold and coryza in 8 months after March 2013.

Patient visited on 20th December 2013.Parents reported completely recovery in frequent cold and Atopic Dermatitis. They were happy to see their son cured of his ailments and expressed their gratitude to Dr. Shah.

Uploaded on 8th January 2014 by Dr. I. R.

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