A Chief Financial Officer from MNC found excellent cure of 90-95 % in Urticaria

Mr. N. V. A. visited Life Force on 9th May 2013 to start the treatment for his complaints of Urticaria. He was 42 years old apprehensive and anxious gentleman. His patient identification number is 21074. He had been suffering since 7 – 8 months. He would get rashes and hives almost daily. It would subside on taking antihistamine medicines. He had suffered from similar episode at the age of 18 years which was then treated with Ayurvedic medicines. The triggering factors were outside food, heat, tight clothes, acidity, exercise and heavy sweating. He would feel better by bathing with cold water.

He was suffering from high blood pressure, which was well under control with conventional medicines. He was obese. His blood sugar levels were borderline.

His diet was vegetarian. His appetite was average. He liked spicy, salty and sour food. He would perspire profusely. Heat was intolerant to him. His bowels were hard and required straining. His sleep was disturbed and interrupted. He would often get thoughts of work while sleeping.

His family consisted of wife and 2 children. His parents were staying separately. His wife was a home maker. His daughter was 12 years old and son was 7 years old.

He felt anger and worry in his job. He was apprehensive and nervous in temperament. He would get irritated due to work stress.

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed Lycopodium Clavatum 30c 2 doses along with his research based molecules.

He gave online feedback on 11th July regarding his Urticaria. The improvement observed was 5 – 10%. The frequency of rashes was every alternate day, but the intensity was less. He would now take antihistamine only when the rash would get severe. His prescription was repeated by Dr. Shah.

He gave second online feedback on 6th September with overall 30 – 40% improvement. Now he did not need to take antihistamine daily. He could be rash free for more than 2 days at a stretch. The rashes due to tight clothing around waist were same. Dr. Shah repeated his prescription.

He gave his third online feedback on 11th November with further improvement. He had taken only 4 – 5 antihistamines in the past 20 days. The rashes would come once in a week with mild intensity. His case was reviewed and prescription was upgraded by Dr. Shah.

He gave online feedback on 7th January with 90 – 95% improvement. He had not taken any antihistamine in the past 2 months. He did not get any episode of rashes and hives. He was glad to report this excellent recovery.

Uploaded on 11th January 2014 by Dr. M. N. P.

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