Bronchitis Got Cured In Just 4 Months With Dr. Shah’s Homeopathic Medicines

Mr. D.S. (PIN 20397) was a trader of machinery parts near New Delhi. His daughter was being treated by Dr. Shah for a skin ailment and was recovering gradually. Mr. D. S. himself had a few chronic episodes of a cough which failed to recover with the conventional medicines. He decided to try homeopathy and visited Life Force on 15th December 2012. His case details were taken by an associate doctor.

He had a similar episode of allergic bronchitis the last year which lasted for 2 months at a stretch and had to be treated with cortisone. This year, from the last 3 months, he again had similar complaints. He had a dry cough with 1 – 2 bouts of phlegm. It had started after Diwali celebrations. Dust, smoke, pollution, and winter would trigger his cough. He had taken the conventional medicines comprising cortisone, cough syrup, and antibiotic for 5 days. It gave relief for 10 days and again relapsed.

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He also complained of acidity, gas, and burning in abdomen 2 – 3 days in a week. He would do home remedies for these complaints.

He had been diagnosed with high blood pressure 10 years ago. It was under control with the conventional medicines.

He preferred spicy food. He had left smoking 2 months ago. He was mildly sensitive to the warm temperature. He was stout in appearance. His sleep was refreshing and sound.

He stayed with his wife and daughter. His daughter was studying in the 4th grade. His wife was a homemaker.

He was quite concerned about his daughter’s skin condition. He was apprehensive and worried about her recovery. Generally, he was an easy-going person, but matters related to his family member’s health would make him anxious. He had parted with his business partner 2 days before his marriage and that was a stressful time for him.

His father was suffering from diabetes. His mother was suffering from an under-active thyroid, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Dr. Shah examined him and prescribed a few research-based medicines for 2 months.

He gave a feedback over the phone on 5th March 2013. He was glad to report around 70% improvement in his relief from a cough and acidity. His cough had subsided within a few days of starting with the medicines. His acidity was also reduced a lot. He was prescribed the next set of medicines for 2 months by Dr. Shah and was advised to complete this course and stop the medicines.

He visited us on 10th January 2014 with a mild cough since a month. He no longer suffered from a recurrent cough.

He was glad about his recovery and his daughter's recovery.
Every year, they visit the center just for her follow-up.


This case highlights that homeopathy is quite effective in curing bronchitis successfully in a short span of time.

- Written by Dr. Megha, Associate doctor to Dr, Rajesh Shah

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