A young, anxious man aged twenty-five years thanked Dr. Rajesh Shah for complete cure of Psoriasis!

A twenty-five years old young male patient, Mr. A. R. (Patient Identification Number 19898) visited Life Force clinic from Tanjavur in Tamil Nadu on 17th September 2012 for his complaint of Psoriasis.

His psoriasis was recent in origin since about two months but was spreading very rapidly all over the body. He had psoriasis on scalp, face, hands and legs and was spreading on other body parts as well.

The symptoms include red patches with intense itching followed by burning. Lot of scaling from the patches was also observed.

In these two months time he sought help of allopathic as well as Ayurvedic medicines for cure of psoriasis without much effect.

After coming to know about Life Force homeopathy through Internet patient visited the clinic in Mumbai from Tamil Nadu.

Patient is very anxious by nature and very much worried about the disease, which was evident during the case taking by the tears in his eyes while describing his problem.

On further case taking it was found out that patient was under lot of stress and anxiety regarding future and his career. He wanted to be a film director which requires patience and hard work whereas parents and would-be-in-laws wanted him to have a stable career with fixed income.

His family had a business of building contractor and patient wanted to achieve his passion, which created a lot of stress, which resulted in patient suffering from Psoriasis.

By nature patient was very affectionate towards his family and also very anxious about future. His family consisted of parents and an elder brother.

He was a vegetarian by diet and did not have any specific likes or dislikes for food products. He did not have any bowel or urinary complaint. He could not tolerate cold climate. His sleep was sound consisting of pleasant dreams occasionally.

Dr. Shah studied his case and prescribed Silica 30 along with his research based medicines.

Patient reported on 29th October 2012 with an increase in psoriasis and also new psoriatic patches. This was expected as patient had stopped using the steroidal application when started with our medicines.

On 18th January 2013 patient reported mild improvement in the complaints. There were no new spots coming and old psoriasis patches were better. Itching was less. Scaling from the spots was still the same.

On 25th March 2013 patient was more than 50% better with the complaints. There were no new spots. The psoriasis on the scalp was completely better and on the other areas of body was decreasing. Itching and scaling was also more than 50% better.

On 10th May 2013 patient reported with almost 95% improvement in the complaints with no active psoriasis in the body. No itching, no scaling. Only post inflammatory hyperpigmented spots remaining.
Patient was very happy and also gave us the good news of him getting married within next six months.

Patient continued medicines to improve his immunity and to fade off the post inflammatory hyperpigmented spots.

Updated on 21st February 2014

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