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Quick recovery in Allergic Rhinitis with Homeopathy

A 50-years-old businessman, Mr. V.K.S (PIN 10422) visited Life Force Homeopathy on 25th February 2008 for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and anal fissure.

He presented with complaints of frequent episodes of sneezing, watery nasal discharge, and heaviness in the head. His complaints used to get aggravated with the weather change, outside food, dust, curd, sweets, and cold drinks. He was suffering from these respiratory complaints since childhood. He would have an episode every 10-15 days, lasting for 4-5 days. He felt better with steam inhalation and yoga. During an acute episode, he would also experience an increased thirst with a generalized weakness for which he took conventional medicines on and off which gave him temporary relief.

He was also suffering from anal fissure for the last 1.5 months and had great difficulty in passing stool. He used to experience pain and burning during and after passing stool. He would also occasionally have acidity and gas after eating spicy food. He was applying local steroidal cream for his anal fissure complaint. He wanted a permanent and long-lasting cure for his allergic rhinitis and anal fissure complaints, so he started homeopathic treatment under Dr. Shah.

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He was a vegetarian by diet and liked sour, sweet and salty food. He had perspiration, especially on the palms, and was sensitive to a hot climate.

He was into the chemical trading business, and his wife was a homemaker. They had two daughters and a son. He had cordial relations with everyone in the family.

He was ambitious, disciplined, and independent. He was a confident and strong-headed person. He would think a lot, plan, and act accordingly. He did not have any apparent stress.

His paternal grandfather had asthma and hypertension. His paternal uncle suffered from cancer and asthma. His father suffered from tuberculosis, and his mother had asthma. He did not suffer from any major illness in the past.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and he prescribed him his research-based medicines for allergic rhinitis and anal fissure.

When he reported to Life Force on 11th April 2008, all his complaints were significantly better with six weeks of the treatment. He did not have an episode of respiratory complaints. His relief from complaints of pain and burning during and after the passage of stool was also better. His medicines were continued for another three months.

He then visited Life Force on 21st Aug 2014 after a gap of six years. He was glad to report that he was completely cured of allergic rhinitis and anal fissure. He did not have any complaints during the past six years. He had now come to start his treatment for some skin complaints.

He was very hopeful to achieve a cure with Dr. Shah's homeopathic treatment.


This case highlights the efficacy of homeopathic medicines in providing quick recovery, contrary to the age-old myth that homeopathic medicines take a long duration to show their effects.

(Written by Dr. K. M, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)


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