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Homeopathy Eliminates Pain Due To Ankylosing Spondylitis & Curbs Dependency On Painkillers



A 29-years-old lady, Miss MNP (PIN 15498) visited Life Force on 16th Feb 2011 for her complaint of ankylosing spondylitis. At that time, her sufferings were almost 6 years old. Symptomatically, she had a severe, continuous pain and stiffness in her hip joints that was radiating towards both the legs. Due to the pain and stiffness, she had a great difficulty in walking and sitting for prolonged hours in her office. The pain and stiffness would be worse during the winter and rainy season. She would always require conventional painkillers to manage her pain and to maintain her daily work schedule.

Also, she used to get recurrent episodes of uveitis. During the episode, she used to get severe redness, pain, and intense photophobia of both her eyes. She would always require steroidal eye drop to manage her acute episodes.

Her HLA B 27 was detected positive with persistent high level of C reactive protein and antistreptolysin O. On examination, moderate tenderness was found in the lower back and the hip joints. There was severe stiffness with mild restriction of movements.

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She was very calm and quiet and responsible, and she had a strong independent kind of nature. She had a marked craving for sweets and had a tendency to perspire profusely.

Professionally, she was an employee of a leading MNC in Mumbai. She was a very talented and bright IT professional.

After studying her case thoroughly, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed her Kali Carb 200 and later on Carcinosin 200 and his research-based medicines. 

At the follow-up after two months of the treatment, she reported that the pain and stiffness had reduced by almost 70%. Her need and dependency on pain killers had also reduced. 

She is still under our care. She has done exceptionally well. She does not suffer pain or stiffness anymore. Dr. Shah has advised her some exercises which she is following. She is able to sit in the office chair for prolonged hours. She does not require any painkillers, after she started the treatment at Life Force. Dr. Shah asked her to follow-up with the ophthalmologist for the uveitis.

At first, the patient was just on painkillers. Then, she followed homeopathy. Subsequently, she was advised exercises. Now, she has been able to stop the painkillers. Gradually, we aim to stop homeopathy and rely only on exercises, which is also a cornerstone in the long-term treatment and management of this painful and difficult condition.

The patient was very happy with her results.  She shared her experience via a testimonial. She expressed her gratitude towards Homeopathy and Life Force for her rapid and gentle recovery.

She expressed the joy of being able to stop the dependency on pain killers.


This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating ankylosing spondylitis, eliminating the pain and stiffness resulting due to it, and curbing the dependency on painkillers.

- Written by Dr. DC, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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