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A 35 years old, Mrs. SR [PIN 12289], She had been suffering from Lichen Planus since the last two to three years.

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A 35 years old, smart, good looking lady Mrs. SR [PIN 12289] came to Life Force on 1 June 2009, for the treatment of chronic relapsing Lichen Planus. She had been suffering from Lichen Planus since the last two to three years. She would keep getting eruptions on her ankle, feet, lower legs, waist line, hands and oral lesions. In the past she had used cortisone, however off late, she would just apply moisturizers.

Lichen Planus on leg

Since last two months the eruptions were more severe and so she came to Life Force for the treatment. She was staying in Holland and had recently moved to Mumbai.

She was basically from kerela, she and her husband both were software engineers and were working in Holland for the last few years.

They had moved back to India.

She had a six years old daughter.

She was sensitive to the cold weather. She had a craving for sweets and tasty food.

She also had a few small warts on her fingers.

She was a simple, sincere lady. She was hard working and honest. She had good presentation and teaching skills. She had good relations with every one in her family and job.

She was pragmatic and balanced.

Her father had suffered from Lichen Planus. Her mother was suffering from Diabetes. Her maternal grandfather had cancer.

Dr Shah examined her and prescribed Thuja and Silica in 30 c and 200 C potencies as per the symptoms.

She got complete recovery in six months. The warts also disappeared.

She was advised to stop the treatment.

Lichen Planus on leg

She visited the center on 10 November 2011 for the treatment of her daughter. Her daughter had developed a few small warts on the fingers. When enquired about her, she said that she had recovered completely in the LP and it had not resurfaced in the last two years.

She had made a career shift, from IT to teaching, to better manage her daughter and family.

( Uploaded on 12th nov 2011 by Dr. Anand Pandit)

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