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After 3 years of treatment her spots have re pigmented up to 90%.

A chubby playful girl Miss. P. H. K, 6 years old (PIN NO - 10590), visited our center with the complaints of Vitiligo. She had been affected with vitiligo for 1 year. She had white patches on both the eyelids. Initially, she had spots on the left arm, back, and both eyelids. The back and arm spots were treated by conventional medication. The eyelid spot too had re pigmented with conventional medicines, but it reappeared again within 6 months. Now it was spreading as well.

vitiligo on eyes

She also had complaints of frequent colds. It would occur once in a month and subside within a week.

Her appetite was normal. She had a craving for sweets, chocolates, cheese, and pastries. There were no complaints with thirst, perspiration, bowels, and sleep. She was sensitive to cold weather.

She was living in a joint family with grandparents and uncle’s family. She was studying in the 1st standard. Her father was an interior designer, while her mother was a housewife.

She was a pampered, stubborn child. She used to mix easily with children of her age. She was very much attached to her father. She would become cranky, irritable; throw tantrums if denied anything she had asked for. Her memory, grasping were good. She was appreciated by her teachers as ‘one of the best student’.

In her family history, her maternal grandfather had suffered from throat cancer. Her maternal grandmother had Diabetes. Her paternal grandfather had heart disease.

After a detailed case study Dr. Shah prescribed her a constitutional medicine along with his research-based medicine.

After 3 months of treatment, there was no significant improvement in the spots. A few new spots had appeared. Her frequent cold had shown significant improvement.

Her case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and given medicines. After 8 months of treatment, the spread was controlled. No new spots had appeared. The existing spots started showing repigmentation.

In the next few follow-ups, the spots had started to re pigment up to 50 %.

Her medicines were upgraded then.

After 3 years of treatment, her spots have re pigmented up to 90%. She has been advised to continue with the medicines to obtain the best possible result.

Her eyelids look normal now. There are No new spots in the last two years.

Thus Homeopathy has helped her to successfully overcome a major problem of her life: Vitiligo.

She has been advised to refrain from eating very sour food, such as lemon and oranges, which she has reluctantly agreed upon.

Uploaded on 12th Nov 2011 by Dr. ADP

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