Forty seven year old medical writer treated extensively with strong allopathic medication for her Lichen Planus finally got cured with homeopathy...

This is a case study of forty seven years old medical writer suffering from Lichen Planus (LP). Dr. Mrs. U. V. S (Patient Identification Number 15597) visited Life Force on 5th March 2011. She was suffering from LP since October 2010. She was having LP affecting hands, legs, back and scalp. She also had oral and genital LP. She would get severe itching on the lesions. She had used oral and local steroids in the past. She experienced weight gain with the steroids. She had also taken tablet Dapsone for her LP. There was some control due to the tablet; however there was a drastic drop in her hemoglobin due to Dapsone, her hemoglobin came down to 8 %. So she stopped it. Being a doctor she read immensely on this disease and consulted the best of doctors. However the more senior doctors instilled more fear in her and prescribed stronger medicines. She was also prescribed MMF1500 mg per day (mycophenolate mofetil). These medicines proved too strong for her and finally she stopped them all. She was again on oral cortisone and clobetasol creams and antihistamines, when she reported at Life Force.

Lichen Planus on Hand

She was also suffering from Hair Fall since last 6 months due to LP. She was loosing around 50 hair strands per day. She had not taken any medication for her Hair Fall.

She was having family history of other autoimmune diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension and Asthma.

Her appetite was good. She was very fond of sweets and had dislike for spicy food. Micturation and bowel habits were normal. She was more sensitive to cold weather as compared to heat. Her sleep was good. She would get dreams about her illness, like people asking her about her illness etc.

Dr. Mrs. U.V.S was working as a medical writer in a pharmaceutical company. She was impatient and irritable by nature. There was stress related to job.

She came with little faith. The attending lady physician made a special note, She does not believe in Homeopathy

She narrated her distress and the various treatments that she had undergone. When asked why she never thought of homeopathy, she said that she was new to homeopathy. Working in a pharmaceutical company, she was prejudiced against homeopathy. Also, the oral and genital affections had made her very apprehensive; she wanted sure shot results and therefore sought out the top most dermatologists. However instead of getting solace, she felt more intimidated. They claimed that this disease was very difficult to cure and hence justified stronger drugs like oral steroids and mycophenolate mofetil

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case in detail and examined her. Dr Shah explained to her that homeopathy was equally scientific and based on strong principals, it is gentler and the results are more permanent. He assured her of complete recovery. She felt a lot of relief after meeting Dr. Shah.

She was given a detailed disease presentation and she was given a slide show. She felt happy to see very severe cases also responding magnificently to homeopathy.

Dr Shah prescribed Natrum Muriticum 30c and his research based homeopathic medicine. She was advised to stop her steroids gradually, after starting homeopathic treatment. Dr Shah assured her, No More Steroids.

Lichen Planus on Legs

She gave her first follow up on 5th April 2011. She had developed some new spots of LP on her back. Itching had increased after stopping the steroids. It was explained to her that, this increase is because of the withdrawal effects of steroids. Being a doctor, she was well aware of this fact. Her feedback was studied by Dr. Rajesh Shah and the medicines were upgraded.

She visited Life Force on 16th May 2011 to give her second follow up. There was 40% improvement in her LP. The spread had stopped. Itching had reduced by 40%. Lesions on hands, legs and back started flattening. The oral and genital LP was also better.

She reported over the phone on 30th August 2011. There was no further improvement in her LP. Her case was reviewed and further medicines were given. She happily visited Life Force on 28th October 2011. Her LP was better by 70-80%. Itching had reduced by 70-80%. Only Hyper-pigmented spots were seen.

By 23rd January 2012, she got completely relieved from her LP. She developed great faith in homeopathy. She thanked Dr Shah from the bottom of her heart.

This case is an ideal example about the fears one passes through, when one faces multi-location LP. The patients are under fear; the treating doctors are under fear. And this leads to prescription of stronger and stronger drugs. In the last two years we are observing many instances where patients are being prescribed stronger steroids, and stronger immune suppressants like Cyclosporine and mycophenolate mofetil.

Instead of prescribing such strong drugs, physicians should guide the patient about the advantages of Homeopathy in Lichen Planus.

(Uploaded on 16th Feb 2012 by Dr. GAJ)

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