Homeopathy is better than antihistamines, because the medicines act curatively.

29 years old, Mrs. A. S. (Patient Identification Number - 18499) availed our online treatment on 2nd December 2010 for her complaints of Urticaria. She was a resident of New Zealand. She was diagnosed as chronic idiopathic urticaria with angioedema. She was suffering with Urticaria since the last 5 months, she got severe hives everyday; from July 2010. There were symptoms of itching and wheals, which would remain for 2 – 3 hours. The itching would vary from mild to severe. The wheals size would vary from 7 – 8 cm. occasionally few small wheals would merge and form large ones. The location would vary from a single arm to the entire body. She would have associated swelling of lips once in a week or fortnight. It would be mild. On a few occasions it had become severe and was noticeable, so she could not attend her office. The swelling would generally subside in 6 hours. Her symptoms would be better by lukewarm or cooler shower. She would feel comfortable by wearing loose cotton clothes. Few months ago she had investigated for a number of allergens. All the reports were normal. She was completely dependent on antihistamines. She had been on gradual increasing doses of antihistamine. Presently she was taking 2 tablets twice a day since October 2010. In spite of it she was still suffering with frequent and severe Urticaria.

She had a associated complaint of mild right knee joint pain which would subside on its own.

She had complaints of Hay Fever as well, which was under control due to regular antihistaminic medications.

She had been detected with under active thyroid in October 2010. It was well managed by conventional medicines.

In her general history – she had an average appetite. She had liking for sour or tangy food, moderately hot, spicy food, chocolates, and sweets. There was no specific disliking. Her thirst and sweat were average. She was less tolerant to cold. She was comfortable in summer and spring. Her sleep was normal but would get disturbed by noises. She was tall and lean physically.

Her menstrual cycle was regular and flow was normal. Premenstrual she would become moody, irritable, angry and frustrated. She had complaints of leucorrhoea since 2 years. They would occur before the menses.

She was a 4th/5th generation North Indian from Fiji. Her forefathers were North Indians. Her grandparents were a resident of Fiji. Her parents had migrated to New Zealand when she was 6 years old. Initially she did face some problems in school due to racism.

At present she was happily married to her European husband. Her husband was good natured and had genuine interests and knowledge in Indian culture. She had been married for 2 years. Her parents were staying in the next house temporarily. She had an elder sister who was married and well settled. She had a niece, 2 years old. She completely adored and loved her. She was brought up in a close knit family and shared a deep bonding with her parents and sister. She had cordial relations with her in laws as well who stayed in other city.

She was introvert and enjoyed socializing only with her close people. She would get anxious or nervous about small issues, but would make an effort to deal with it straight away without delaying it; as that would cause her some stress. She was fastidious as well a studious person. She was a restrained and non violent personality. In difficult situations she would respond bluntly, assertively and respectfully place her point.

She was working as a social worker, counselor in a public hospital since last 5 years. Her work was providing psycho-social care/ support to parents/ families of preterm/ medically complex babies. She loved her job. She also dealt with family violence intervention and child protection cases and also provided therapeutic support for grief and loss cases. There would be reasonable anxiety at times but she would manage it with ease.

In her past history – she had been suffered from childhood Asthma and Bronchitis. Occasionally she would still get minor wheezing which would be treated with inhalers.

In her family history – parents were suffering from Diabetes. Mother had varicose veins. Father had high cholesterol. Maternal grandfather had suffered from Cancer. Sister was suffering from Under active thyroid and she had suffered from Urticaria in the past.

Her case was analyzed by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed Kali Iod 30C and some research based medicines.

In her first follow up on 10th April 2011 she reported with mild improvement in her Urticaria. The frequency and duration were same but the intensity had reduced. The angioedema would occur less frequently. She was able to prolong the time interval between the intakes of antihistamines. Her case was reviewed and medicines upgraded accordingly.

In her second follow up on 14th August 2011 she noticed significant improvement. Her antihistamines dose was reduced to one tablet daily as compared to 4 tablets. Her angioedema almost disappeared. She did not have a single episode in the past 4 months. Her medicines were accordingly upgraded by Dr. Shah.

In her third follow up on 29th December 2011 she reported complete recovery. The hives had stopped occurring since September and so she had completely forgotten about Urticaria. She mentioned “I would like to thank Dr. Shah and his amazing team for helping me! I am so grateful for the treatment and still cannot believe that I am completely cured!”

Homeopathy is better than antihistamines, because the medicines act curatively.

Anti-histamines suppress the symptoms of hives; Homeopathy will address the root cause, and eliminate the formation of hives.

Uploaded on 28th January by Dr. Megha

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