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A patient suffering from chronic Psoriasis for more than thirty years, got significant relief with homeopathy.

Mr. S. R.D (Patient Identification Number 15399) from Jalgaon visited Life Force on 27th January 2011 for the complaint of chronic Psoriasis. He was suffering from Psoriasis for more than 30 years. He had severe and active lesions on his legs, hands and face. He would get severe flare up of Psoriasis every year during summer from May to August. There were thick, dark lesions of Psoriasis on his legs and hands. Itching and scaling were severe. Occasionally clear fluid would ooze out from the lesions on the face. He had used plenty of medicines in the past, including homeopathy, but nothing had worked. Currently, he was using Dipsalic (Betamethasone ) ointment, but there was no significant relief with it. He was also suffering from Hypertension. It was under control with conventional medicines.

His appetite was good. He was fond of spicy food. Thirst and bowel movements were normal. He would perspire a lot on face. He would not tolerate warm weather. His sleep was sound.

Mr. S.R.D was working as an Engineer. He was very frustrated because of his chronic Psoriasis, as no medicine had worked for him. He came to Life Force with the last hope. He would feel that I have done something wrong that is why I am suffering. He had developed fear of death. He was religious, calm and reserved by nature. He always wanted to be perfect in his work. He had developed great inferiority complex because of his illness. He had started avoiding company and would prefer staying alone.

His case details were studied by Dr. Rajesh Shah in detail and research based homeopathic medicines along with constitutional medicine were prescribed. He stopped applying Dipsalic cream after starting with homeopathy. His Psoriasis increased in initial three to four weeks. Itching and scaling were more. This increase was because of stopping Dipsalic cream. He was very panic and frustrated with this increase. It was explained to him that, in chronic cases of Psoriasis, there are ups and downs in the initial few weeks of the treatment. His feedback was studied by Dr. Shah and his medicines were upgraded.

He gave his further feedback on 24th March 2011. There was 10% improvement in his Psoriasis. There was no further spread. Itching and scaling were reduced by 10%. on 25th May 2012, he reported increase in his Psoriasis. That was his natural aggravation time when his Psoriasis would get aggravated every year. There was oozing of a clear fluid from the lesions of the face. Itching and scaling had increased on hands and legs. He was very agitated with this increase and consulted a local doctor. The Local doctor prescribed him immunosuppressants. We advised him to avoid taking immunosuppressants. He started applying steroid cream on the face as it was very severe on the face. His case was reviewed and further medicines were prescribed.

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He visited Life Force to give his further feedback on 1st August 2011. His Psoriasis had reduced in intensity. Oozing from the face lesions had stopped. Itching and scaling were reduced by 10-20%. Area involved was still the same. He completely stopped using steroid cream on face. He gave his further follow up over the phone on 19th November 2011. There was further improvement in his Psoriasis. Skin over legs and hands started becoming smooth. Itching was further better. Scaling was same. Considering his feedback, his further medicines were sent.

He showed continued improvement in all his further follow ups. By 28th February 2012, he had 90% recovered from his Psoriasis. He was very happy and relaxed, as he never felt so relieved in the last thirty years of his life.

At one point he was on the verge of stopping the treatment. However when explained that steroid based creams just give temporary relief, and when one wants to get rid of this disease, one has to eventually stop these steroid creams. When one stops steroid based creams, there is a anticipated flare up, which has to be endured. Short term voluntary flare up has to be faced for long term relief. He finally committed to homeopathy and promised that he will not use any steroids. However he pleaded for a assurance. He was assured the best of our efforts.

With faith and certain amount of resilience, he gave up the steroids. He was gifted with long lasting relief with homeopathy.


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