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A young girl suffering from chronic, extensive Psoriasis got completely recovered

A young girl suffering from chronic, extensive Psoriasis got completely recovered from Psoriasis with the help of homeopathy. Ms. M.D (Patient Identification Number 17928) was suffering from Psoriasis for about 8-9 years.

She was having Psoriasis almost all over the body. She was taking T Betnesol forte (steroid) thrice a day for almost 4-6 days in a month since 6-7 months and would apply Betnovate (Betamethasone) cream once a day since last 6-7 months. Her Psoriasis was not controlled by those medications. It was gradually increasing almost every day. She was frustrated with this disease. While searching on internet about Psoriasis treatment, she came to know about Life Force. She visited Life Force on 7th January 2012. Her case was taken in detail.

She was having small scattered spots of Psoriasis all over the body with severe itching and scaling. Scaling was more on the scalp. Her Psoriasis would increase in rainy season. She was having family history of autoimmune disease. Her sister and mother were suffering from Underactive Thyroid. Her appetite was good. She was fond of salty and sour food. Thirst, perspiration and bowel movements were normal. She was more tolerant to warm weather. Her sleep was sound. She would get dreams about daily routine. Ms. M.D was working in media company. Her whole family was in Bhopal and she would stay alone in Mumbai. She was sentimental by nature. She would like to be with people. She was the eldest amongst the siblings. She had two younger sisters. She would feel neglected by her parents. She would feel her parents have always paid more attention towards her sisters. Though she would like to be in people, she would never share her emotions with others. She could easily adjust anywhere. She was enjoying her work.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case and constitutional medicines along with research based homeopathic medicines were prescribed. She stopped steroid tablets and creams after starting homeopathy. She called up after three to four weeks and reported that Psoriasis is still increasing. She was explained about the disease activity and role of homeopathic medicines. She was informed in her first visit that in the initial few weeks of the treatment, there are chances of some ups and downs in chronic cases of Psoriasis. She was advised to continue same medicines.


She gave her first feedback on 17th February 2012. There was 20-30% improvement in her Psoriasis. Itching and dryness had reduced. Scaling was still there on scalp. The pace of the disease had reduced. Her feedback was studied by Dr. Shah and her medicines were upgraded.She reported 50% improvement in her Psoriasis on 20th March 2012. Itching and scaling were better by 50%. There was no further spread in her Psoriasis. By 20th April 2012, she was recovered almost 90%. She was very glad to get rid of her chronic and extensive Psoriasis.

Duration of treatment always varies from patient to patient. It depends on how the individual patient is responding to the treatment. This patient responded beautifully to homeopathy and got recovered from her Psoriasis in just 4 months of homeopathic treatment.

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Results may vary from person to person

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