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A chronic case of eczema showed 70% improvement in 8 months of treatment with homeopathy.



Mrs. G. S. D. (PIN NO - 16026) was 70% relieved of her Eczema with 9 months of treatment under Dr. Shah.

She was a 63 years old, calm and contended home maker. She visited our centre on 10th May 2011. She had been complaining of Eczema since 2 years on her neck and cubital fossa. There was mild to moderate lesions with itching and small papular eruptions. She had some similar skin issues 7 years ago, which were treated by conventional medicines. She had been taking ayurvedic medicines since last 1 month, but did not find any improvement.

She had also been complaining of some dryness and cracks in her palms due to the contact of detergents. She had not taken any treatment for this.

She had an average appetite with liking for sour and disliking for sweets. Her thirst was more. She was intolerant to heat, summer weather. She had attained menopause 12 years back.

She was a home maker, staying with one son. Her second son was a software engineer, working in Pune. She had a daughter, who was married and settled in America. She had lost her husband a year back.

She described her life as stressful as her husband had been non supportive. She had managed to bring up her children all by herself. She was an optimistic lady. She had tolerated many things all her life. She would share her hardships with her parents.

She had undergone a hysterectomy in 2000 due to excessive bleeding during her menstrual period.

Her brother was suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. Her sister and maternal aunt had cancer.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed Graphites 200c along with research based molecules.

After 3 months of medication (2.8.11) – she reported considerable improvement. The itching had decreased. The eruptions were better. Her palms had also shown improvement. Her prescription was upgraded after reviewing the case.

Another 4 months (12.12.11) – she experienced 50% improvement. The hyperpigmentation had reduced. The itching was further better.

After 9 month of medication (19.2.12) – she reported with 70% improvement. The itching had almost become nil. The hyperpigmentation had further reduced. The eruptions were completely better.

She is continuing the medicines for complete recovery in her Eczema.

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