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My child is doing very well with homeopathy. His psoriasis is more than 80% gone..

Master AS (PIN 12563) a four years old Junior KG student from Mumbai, India reported on 25th August 2009 with his mother. He was diagnosed as a case of Psoriasis by his Dermatologist and was prescribed medicines for the same. But he was not responding to it and on the contrary his psoriasis was increasing.

His family members were too much anxious for him. And started finding out some optional treatment on internet and they searched www.e-psoriasis.com. After going through website they decided to go for Homeopathic treatment from Dr Shah.

While recording the case details of petient during case interview, his mother told us that psoriasis started on his neck two years back. Initialy the spread was slow but after conventional medication it started spreading rapidly on back, knee joints, elbows and eyes. He had itching on these patches with burning sensation after scratching. The affected skin was red, dry and cracked.

When asked about his other details, her mother added that his appetite also decreased with the spread of skin disease. He had aversion to milk. His water intake was average. His bowel motion, sweating, sleep were all normal. He was not able to tolerate summer season in general.

He was smart, restless, obstinate child. Used to throw tantrums whenever contradicted for anything he wanted. He was irritable by nature. He would throwthings out of anger. Infront of a stranger he used to be very shy and timid. He had hobby of colorng and painting.

After noting down all the details Dr Shah prescribed constitutional medicine for him on 25th August 2009 for 2 months. His parents were happy when they reported personaly on 21st oct 2009 saying that he was more than 50% better in last 2 months but there was slight increase in the lesions over back. Intensity of itching, burning had gone down. Mother said that he is now eating well and has less tantrums related to eating. After noting down these details again Dr Shah prescribed medicines for next 2 months.

On 13th January his mother called up to tell that there is more than 80% recovery in his skin. The skin is almost clear and he does not have so much itching, burning, redness and dryness. She thanked Dr Shah and Life Force team for looking after her small child and helping him recover so fast.

Case study by Dr P.D


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