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Scalp Psoriasis recovered by 90% within a year’s homeopathic treatment.

Fifty one years old, businessman visited our Borivali center to enquire for the treatment of Psoriasis, on 22nd April 2013. He first made an enquiry with an associate doctor regarding his skin complaints and when satisfied, enrolled for the treatment. His case was taken in detail by the attending associate doctor.

He started developing psoriasis spots on scalp, knees, palms and elbows. The spots on elbows, palms and knees healed completely with just aloe vera gel local application. He had visited a skin specialist a year back and taken his prescription was a month. He stopped it in month’s time as he knew the side effects of those and resorted to plain application of aloe vera gel. At present his scalp spots were itching severely. It would also cause bleeding. The scaling would be in the form of thick scabs.

He did not have any other health issue.

Mr. J. A.’s patient identification number is 21000.

He was a pure vegetarian. He preferred spicy food. He would smoke three to four cigarettes a day. He would perspire more on face. He was tolerant of both the extremes of temperature. His bowels were satisfactory.

He was into steel business since twenty years. He stayed in nuclear family with wife and two daughters. His wife was a home maker. The elder daughter was working and younger was studying. His parents had died due to cancer.

He was reserved and sensitive. He would often feel stress related to business. He would get irritable on trifles. He would express the anger and forget about it.

He was prescribed research based medicine by Dr. Shah.

He visited on 8th June for first follow up. He had significantly improved. There was no spread or new spots. The itching, scaling and scabs were reduced by 50%. The spots would rarely bleed on scratching.

He visited on 31st July for second follow up. He felt overall 50% improvement in the spots. The bleeding on scratching was nil. The scaling and itching was minimal. He was happy with the improvement so far.

He visited on 27th September for third follow up. There was further improvement in the spots. There was no itching or scaling. All the spots were healing.

He visited on 21st December for next feedback. He had improved more than 70%. There was no scaling, itching or bleeding. Dr. Shah was happy to note his feedback and prescribe the medicines.

He visited on 26th February 2014 with more than 90% improvement. There were no new spots or spread. All the spots had healed. There was no itching, scaling or bleeding.

He was glad with the improvement the homeopathic medicines could give him. He is still continuing with our medicines for complete recovery.

Uploaded on 7th March 2014 by Dr. M. N. P.

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Results may vary from person to person

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