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Mrs. B. T. M. started developing some itchy spots on the abdomen six to seven months ago. She was residing in Doha, Qatar. She was Indian in origin, married and settled in Doha. She was young, beautiful lady, aged thirty-two years.

She visited a local skin specialist (dermatologist) in Doha, where it was diagnosed as Lichen Planus. She hadn’t heard about such skin condition before. This was totally new to her. She started with the conventional medicines [Tablet. Zempred (methylprednisolone), Tablet parit (rabeprazole) and cream Diprovate (Betamethasone Dipropionate)]. The medicines worked initially for three to four months. Her spots healed leaving dark marks on abdomen. Later she developed new spots on hands, legs, and back. There were three to four active spots on the legs, scattered and itchy. The spots on hands were healing.

One day she decided to get a permanent relief for this as new spots kept on appearing and so she searched for information on the internet. She found about Dr. Shah and was impressed with his deep knowledge and thorough understanding of this disease and the results he achieved with his medications on several patients.

She visited India in April 2013. She took an appointment for Dr. Shah on 10th April 2013 and was accompanied by her mother. She gave a detailed history of her skin ailments. She also mentioned about her headache and acidity occasionally. Her patient identification number is 21727.

She had a liking for spicy food. She would have generalized profuse sweat. She was sensitive to warm weather as the sun would cause her weakness. She had irregular bowels before, but since a year had started taking herbal tea, which relieved her.

She had been an air hostess before, now was in an administrative job. Her husband was also into office work. She had done inter-caste love marriage.
Her maiden family consisted of father, mother and a brother. Her father owned a shop in Mumbai and mother was a homemaker. Her brother was studying.

She was short-tempered and irritable by nature. She was also sensitive and mixing. She would only express her anger on her mother, otherwise would keep it to herself. Her in-law's behavior was abrupt and rude towards her. She would often weep due to this at her maiden home. She would not express her feeling of hurt in front of her in-laws. She would brood over it and feel sad.

Her father was suffering from Psoriasis.

She was prescribed Natrum Muriticum 30c 2 doses along with few research-based medicines by Dr. Shah for 4 months.

She spoke to our associate doctor in June as her spots were increasing and spreading. She mentioned regarding the heat and nonvegetarian food being taken more as the probable cause. She was advised to continue with the medicines and update us with fresh photos of new spots.

After a week she sent few pictures of her waist region with a different type of eruptions. It was diagnosed as Herpes by Dr. Shah and was advised to take conventional medicines.

She visited to meet Dr. Shah on 5th August 2013. She had improved by around 70%. The spots on her legs, hands, back, and abdomen were all healing. She would rarely feel itchy on hands. Her herpes had recovered with conventional medicines. Her headache and acidity were improved by 50%. She had developed a wart on her left ring finger a month back. She also had moderate hair fall for four to six months. There would also be dandruff. She was advised few blood tests by Dr. Shah and her prescription was upgraded.

Her blood reports were normal except low Vitamin D. Dr. Shah advised her to take supplements from the local doctor.

She visited India in February 2014 and met Dr. Shah. Her Lichen Planus had healed completely and she did not get any new eruptions. The hands, legs and abdomen spots had healed leaving dark marks. A headache and acidity were relieved around 70%. The wart on the finger was also recovered by 70%. The hair fall had improved by 80%.

She is very happy with the results. One of her uncles is a doctor and he had warned her about the possible side effects of steroids and he had suggested Homeopathy as a possible alternative. He too was astonished by the swiftness in her recovery. He had given her a time frame of three to four years, however, with the treatment, she has recovered in one year itself.

Uploaded on 13th March 2014 by Dr. M. N. P.

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