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Its a miracle. My sinusitis and addiction to conventional treatment is cured with Homeopathy.

Mr. C B (Patient Ref. No. 11972) a 48 years old businessman from Mumbai, reported to Life Force with complaints of sinusitis. He was suffering from intense headache, blocked nose, difficulty in breathing since 20 years. The severity had increased so much since 2 years that he was addicted to allopathic medicine (decongestant – Atrovin) to have relief. More he was using it more was the need felt. His complaints used to increase in cold weather, in air conditioned room. So he was not able to concentrate on his profession.
He was frustrated with the headache and his addiction to decongestant. He had to keep it with him at office, car, home etc. He decided to get it cured and started searching for treatment options. His family physician advised him to get treatment at Life Force Homeopathy. So he went through Life Force website He went through the details about sinusitis, case studies, video testimonials of patients and decided to go start treatment in Life Force Homeopathy.
His case details were noted during his first consultation in months of April 2009. His appetite, water intake, bladder bowel functions were all normal. He was not able to sleep due to obstruction of nose. Every night he had to take atleast 2 puffs of decongestant to have sound sleep.
Mr B was an anxious and sensitive type of person. Inter personal relations with parents were not very good. His anxiety and stress at family level would often aggravate symptoms. His mother and father had diabetes mellitus.

Based on his case details, Dr Shah prescribed Thuja in the 200 potency for 4 weeks. He was also given research based homeopathic medicines. After 4 weeks of treatment, there was no significant relief in his symptoms. He was worried about it. Doctors advised him to keep patience as it was a 20 years old disease which may take at least 4-6 weeks to show initial positive improvement. He was given one month medicines again after making necessary changes in it.
After 3 months treatment, in July 2009, he visited Life Force to mention that there is 25% improvement in his headache and difficulty in breathing. He required decongestant less frequently. Every time, based on his feedback there were necessary changes made in medicines. Gradually he experienced further improvement. When he visited last in February 2010, he was more than 80% better. He was able to tolerate Air conditioner. He was happy to mention that he can now focus on his profession. His dependency on decongestant also reduced by 90% as he gets sound sleep without it.
He has given a written testimonial where he mentioned that the treatment has worked miracle for him. He is now able to breathe free with almost zero dependency on Atrovin.

uploaded on 18 March. by DR. P.D.

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