Mild Eczema on palms treated effectively with research based medicines.

An insurance executive visited our Vashi clinic on 19th October 2013. Ms. N. A. B. was twenty seven years of age. Her patient identification number is 21809. She was suffering from mild Eczema on left hand middle finger and palms. There were mild cuts, redness and severe itching. She had similar spots about ten years ago. Her palms and fingers were normal for eight years. Two years ago she had lost her mother in an accident. Since then it had resurfaced back. She took conventional local application for a year and a half, but did not show any improvement. Since six months she was taking homeopathy from local doctor with mild relief.

Her appetite was decreased. She liked sweets. She was sensitive to cold weather.

She was the only child. Her father had retired few years back. She lost her mother in an accident.

She was the only earning member in the family. She had the responsibility of taking care of and supporting her father financially.

She would often weep while missing her mother. She felt lonely at times.

Her father had eczema and heart disease.

Dr. Shah prescribed research based medicine to her for six weeks.

She visited on 10th December for the first follow up. There was spread in the spots on the palms for the initial fifteen days then it had started to decrease and recover.

She visited on 24th January 2014 for the second follow up. There was further improvement in the redness, itching and scaling.

She visited on 19th February 2014. The spots had started to increase in the past two weeks. The spot on the finger and palm had spread. The redness and scaling was mildly increased.

She visited to meet Dr. Shah personally on 3rd March 2014 as the spread was not under control. She was stressed due to this as it was becoming difficult for her to work. Dr. Shah gave her a new prescription for a month.

She visited on 21st March and reported mild improvement. In the meanwhile the spots had developed secondary infection and she had to take antibiotics for recovery. The dryness, itching and scaling was improving.

She visited on 25th April 2014. She was glad to report almost complete recovery in the spots on fingers and palms. There was no dryness, redness and scaling. The itching was minimal and occasional.

She is still under our care for maintaining the recovery achieved.

Uploaded on 8th May 2014, by Dr. M. N. P.

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