A 4-Years-Old Girl Was Completely Cured Of Alopecia Areata With Homeopathy

 4-years-old patient named Miss A.S (PIN 22907) visited Life Force Homeopathy on 7th June 2014 with the complaint of alopecia areata.

The patient had complaints of alopecia since one year. She had large patches on her head. There was hardly any hair visible. It was a case of extensive alopecia, and she had taken allopathic medicines (steroids) for a few months and then stopped taking it.

She also had the complaint of underactive thyroid, which was detected just 6 days before. 

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She had a reduced appetite and was still on breastfeeding. She loved to eat chocolates. She had an average thirst with profuse sweating. Sweat used to occur mainly on her back and forehead. There was no complaint related to her urine, but her stools were constipated. 

Her father was working in a pharmaceutical company, and her mother was a housewife. She was the only child to her parents. 

She was a very happy looking child. She was very clever and confident. Her mother said she was a very clever child. Usually she did not cry much, but she used to cry only when she wanted something. She loved music and drawing. She also loved travelling. Her mother also said that she does not get along easily with new people.

Her father and mother both had the complaint of underactive thyroid.

With all these case details, her case was analyzed by Dr. Shah in detail and she was prescribed some research-based medicines.

On 16th July 2014, the patient’s parents reported that her condition was as it is. There was no change in her complaints. Her hair fall complaint was still as it is. They, in fact, felt that her complaints had increased as compared to prior. The patient had also developed a new complaint of urticaria before a few days, and for it she took allopathic treatment. On the basis of all this feedback, Dr. Shah prescribed further medicines to the patient.

On 25th of August 2014, parents of the patient reported that she was around 25% better. There was no further hair fall present. Her hair fall had stopped completely. Parents noticed that she was also developing new small, thin hair follicles on her scalp. Her mother noticed that her scalp was very sensitive. She did not allow anyone to touch her scalp. On the basis of all this feedback, Dr. Shah prescribed her further medicines.

On 15th October 2014, the patient’s parents reported that her condition was as it is. There was no further improvement observed. When the patient was examined by Dr. Shah, he saw new hair follicles coming up on her scalp. Patient’s parents were explained the same and were informed that this was a sign of recovery. She also had some acute episode of fever before a few days for which she was given allopathic medicines. 

On 23rd February 2015, parents of the patient reported that she was around 50% better. Her hair fall was completely better than earlier. Parents informed that they had observed a rapid growth of hair since the last two months. Patient and her parents were very much happy with the treatment. 

On 1st May 2015, the patient’s parents reported that she was almost 80% to 85% better than earlier. Her hair fall had stopped completely. There was hair growth observed on her scalp. New hair follicles were also visible on the scalp. On the basis of all this feedback, Dr. Shah prescribed her further medicines.

On 10th July 2015, parents of the patient reported that all these months she was very much better than earlier, but since the last two months her complaints had increased in a small quantity. There was hair fall observed by parents since a few days. They also observed two new patches on her scalp where the hair was not present. Her parents got anxious because of all this. Dr. Shah counseled them and advised to continue with the medicines without any gap to get better results. 

On 12th September 2015, the patient’s parents reported that she was not still better. All her complaints were as it is. Hair fall was still present, but it was better than before. The patches on scalp were still present. Hair growth was not seen on them. 

On 20th January 2016, the patient’s parents reported that she was further better. She did not suffer from hair fall any more. Her parents also observed that there was hair regrowth on the patches. The patient had not developed any new patch since two months. They were very happy and contended with the treatment. They further continued the treatment.

On 2nd April 2016, the patient visited the clinic with her parents. Her parents said that she was 100% better in her complaints than earlier. There was complete hair regrowth seen on her scalp. All her bald patches were no more visible. There was no hair fall present. They also reported that, since the last four to five months, there was no new bald patch appearing on her scalp. Patient and her parents were very happy. They were very much thankful to Dr. Shah and entire Life Force team. They were advised to continue the medicines a few months more by Dr. Shah.

On 30th July 2016, the patient again visited the clinic with her family. All her complaints had completely gone. She was completely cured from her alopecia problem. She had developed complete hair growth on her scalp. There were no new patches seen. 

They were very thankful to Dr. Shah and the Life Force team, who had helped her and made her health and well-being better than earlier. Dr. Shah had advised her to stop the treatment after that, as she was completely better and was cured from her complaint of alopecia.


This case highlights that homeopathy is extremely effective in treating alopecia areata in kids safely without any side-effects.

- Written by Dr. K.R.B, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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