Severe Urticaria got completely resolved with Dr. Rajesh Shah's research based homeopathy.

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Mrs. A.M (Patient Identification Number 19156) from Kolkata, was suffering from Urticaria for 9 months. She would get severe red hives almost all over the body with severe itching and burning sensation. She would get episodes of Urticaria 2-3 times a day and it would last for 2-3 hours. It was aggravated at night and by dust. She would get temporary relief after taking bath with cold water.

She had to take antihistamines twice a day to keep her Urticaria under control. She had taken a short course of steroids once. She was also suffering from Hypothyrodism for which she was on thyroid supplements. She was fed up of taking medicines and wanted to get rid of antihistamines. She came to know about Life Force through internet. She started online treatment at Life Force on 27th May 2012. She filled all her details in the questionnaire.

Mrs. A.M was a vegetarian. She was fond of tea. She would take 6-7 cups of tea per day. She would not like spicy food. Thirst and bowel habits were normal. She would perspire more on face. She was more comfortable in cold weather. Sleep was sometimes disturbed due to itching and hives.

Mrs. A.M was a home maker, staying in joint family. She was introvert by nature. She would like to keep her feelings with herself. She would take time to mix with new people. She would never react immediately, but would keep on thinking about the same. She was anxious about her health issues. She had become irritable because of her Urticaria. It was disturbing her daily activities. She was not able to concentrate on her work.

Her case was studied by Dr. Rajesh Shah through the questionnaire and constitutional medicines with research based homeopathic medicine were prescribed. She started responding very well to the treatment. On 26th July 2012, she submitted her first progress report. There was 40-50% improvement in her Urticaria. Intensity of hives and itching was reduced by 40-50%. Frequency of Urticaria episode was reduced to once or twice a day. She could reduce dose of antihistamines to once a day. Her feedback was studied by Dr. Rajesh Shah and medicines were upgraded.

On 21st September 2012, Mrs. A.M reported 60% improvement in her Urticaria. Frequency of Urticaria was reduced to once in 2-3 days. Intensity was better by 60%. She could further reduce the dose of antihistamines to once in 3-4 days. On 29th October 2012, she was 80% recovered from her Urticaria. She had only 2-3 episodes of Urticaria in 2 months. She had stopped antihistamines since 3 weeks. Intensity of itching and burning was reduced by 80%.

By 14th December 2012, Mrs. A.M was completely recovered from her Urticaria. She had one mild episode of itching in last 2 months, which lasted for 10-15 minutes. She was very happy and satisfied with the treatment.

Uploaded on 13 jan 2013, by Dr. G.J.

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