Full recovery from Urticaria

Mrs. A.A.G. (Patient Identification No- 21671) visited Life Force on 19th September 2013 for her complaints of Urticaria.

She started suffering from urticaria, one month after her pregnancy. It had been 8 months, but since last 3-4 days her complaints of urticaria had increased. She used to get episodes of urticaria once in ten days which lasted for 4-5 days with moderate intensity but since 3-4 days the intensity was severe and there was no relief even after taking conventional medicines. She presented with big red hives all over her body. There was intense itching with burning sensation and warmth over hives. Along with that, she got swelling over lips and eyes (angiodema). Her complaints would usually get worse at night after 11.30 pm. She had become completely dependent on anti-histamines. She had been taking it since last 5-6 months regularly. They gave her temporary relief only.

She had also lost 3 kgs weight in past 6 months. She was a non-vegetarian and had an average appetite. She was fond of eating chicken, fish and meat. But her complaints would increase after eating non-veg and sour food. Her thirst was normal. She was sensitive to cold things. Her bowel habits and menstrual cycle were normal and regular.

She was a nurse in J.J. Hospital, Mumbai. Her husband was a wire-line operator and used to stay on ships for most of the times of the year. She stayed with her in-laws. She delivered a baby boy 9 months ago through caesarean section. She was really concerned about the disease as it was affecting her child. Her complaints were making her irritable and she could not spend enough time with her child and enjoy her daily activities. Her in-laws were quite supportive so there was no other stress.

After studying all her case details, Dr. Shah prescribed Ferrum Metallicum 30 along with research based medicine for urticaria.

She visited after 6 weeks on 7th November 2013 and reported that the frequency and intensity of her urticaria episodes were reduced to 50%. There was no swelling over lips or eyes during the episodes. She had taken anti-histamines only 3 times in these 6 weeks.

After 6 weeks on 23rd December 2013, she reported that her urticaria was 70% better. She had not got any episode since 1 month. Now she was even able to eat non-veg and sour food. She had developed acute bronchitis before 10 days and had taken conventional medicines for it. She had now stopped taking anti-histamines for urticaria.

On 14th February 2014, she called up and reported over phone that her urticaria is further better and much under control. She had got 2 episodes with mild intensity in those 2 months. Two months later, on 10th April 2014 she reported on phone that there was only one episode with very mild intensity in 2 months, earlier she got episode once every 10-12 days. So her frequency, duration and intensity of urticaria episodes had reduced to a great extent.

She visited Life Force on 15th May 2014 and reported that her urticaria was 99% better. There was a very mild episode where she got little itching only on her forehead and left thigh which lasted for 5 to 6 hours. She sounded so happy with the treatment. She thought that her disease was incurable. Even her irritability had reduced and she was now able to spend quality time with her child and family. She is still under our treatment for complete and permanent cure.

Homeopathic medicines cures a person from within and are aimed at giving permanent and life-long results.

(Case study prepared by Dr. K.M. on 15/05/2014)

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