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Chronic case of Psoriasis, Urticaria and Acidity significantly improved with homeopathic medication.

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Fifty two years old, Mr. K. K. S. (Patient Identification Number-11212) visited our clinic on 26th September 2008. He was suffering from Psoriasis since past ten years. His left foot, both the wrist and palms were affected. He complained of severe itching, scaling and redness. He had family history of psoriasis as his mother was also suffering from psoriasis. He had tried conventional medication but it would relapse again so he wanted to go for homeopathy which would give him lasting result. His complaints used to increase in winter season.

He was also suffering from acidity since past seven years. He had this complaint four to five times every week. His complaints increased when he consumed spicy food. He complained of burning sensation in abdomen. He was managing with conventional medication.

He was also suffering from Urticaria since past fourteen years. He complained of rashes with itching and swelling all over his body once daily. He used to manage with conventional medication.

He was a vegetarian with good appetite. He liked eating spicy food which used to increase his acidity complaint. He used to consume tobacco eight packets daily since past five years. He preferred cold weather. He perspired profusely. His sleep was sound.

He was self employed in business of video editing. His wife and mother were home makers. His son was studying commerce.

He had suffered from malaria in 2003 for which he had managed with conventional medication.

His mother was suffering from high blood pressure along with psoriasis.
Dr. Shah prescribed him research based medication after studying his case in detail.

He reported on 5th December 2008. His complaints of psoriasis and urticaria were same. His complaint of acidity had mild improvement.

He reported on 4th March 2009. His complaint of psoriasis had improved considerably. His complaint of scaling and itching had reduced on all the affected areas. His complaint of urticaria used to recur after every four days instead of daily. He used to take anti histamine in these acute episodes. His complaint of acidity had good improvement.

He reported on 18th April 2009.His complaint of psoriasis had increased as he complained of itching. The scaling had not increased. His complaint of urticaria had excellent improvement. He had urticaria episodes once in fifteen to twenty days and it used to settle without taking any antihistamine. His complaints of acidity had more than 75% improvement. Dr. Shah made necessary changes in his prescription so that his itching reduces.

His wife reported over telephone on 29th May 2009. She was glad to report that his complaint of psoriasis had improved significantly. There was no itching or scaling. There were no new lesions and old lesions had started healing. His complaint of urticaria had more than 90% improvement. He had no episode since past one month. His acidity had completely recovered.

One of his relatives visited our clinic on 14th May 2014 and on inquiring they reported that he is doing well without any relapses.

Uploaded by Dr. I. R. on 23rd May 2014.

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