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Extensive psoriasis treated completely with homeopathy in two years



Mr. B.M. aged 33 years; a businessman from Panvel, visited Life Force with the complaints of psoriasis on scalp, neck, palms, knees and ankles since almost 2 years. He was introduced to Life Force by one of his friends who was successfully treated at Life Force for his problem earlier.

He complained of severe itching on the sites of psoriasis. The itching was so severe that it ended into bleeding. He skin had developed cracks on the site of psoriasis. He had painful cracks which would bleed.

On asking further, patient revealed that he was suffering from a lot of flatulence (excessive gas formation) and burning in the chest region since last two years.

While taking the family history, it was evident that there was a genetic tendency of autoimmune disorders in the patient’s family. Patient’s father had history of having Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension. Patient’s mother had history of having Diabetes Mellitus and throat Cancer.

It was interesting to find out that Patient’s son aged six years was suffering from Vitiligo and his paternal uncle also had Vitiligo. This tells that such auto immune conditions runs in family.

This findings are important because they prove that psoriasis is an immunocomplex mechanism which has genetic predisposition of other immunological disorders.

Patient’s food habits revealed that patient was a non- vegetarian who was very fond of eating chicken and fish. He complained of profuse sweating all over the body.
He usually had sound sleep and did not suffer from any other major illness in past.

On taking history about the mental and emotional status of the patient, it was revealed that patient had suffered a lot of stress, agony and friction with his parents at the time of his marriage because he wanted to marry a girl who was from other cast and religion than his. However, later things were sorted out. During this particular phase of life his symptoms of psoriasis really aggravated.

Now, except for some business related stress and tension, patient described that he was otherwise a happy-go-lucky man.

Patient gave history that although, his psoriasis was troubling him a lot, he did not take any conventional medicines for the disease.

After thorough case analysis, Dr Rajesh Shah prescribed him research based medicines on 22nd March 2010. On the same day patient’s photographs showing various psoriatic patches were also taken.

On his first follow up on 20th May, 2010, patient was very happy to say that he was feeling better by almost 50%. The itching, bleeding and scaling of the skin was reduced. The cuts on the skin had healed and they were not bleeding any more. The patches also showed a marked reduction in size and spread of the disease had also stopped. On his second follow up on 13th July, 2010 it was revealed that there was no formation of new patches and condition was same as the first follow up. Dr Rajesh Shah made changes in his prescription and the patient was given a date for follow up.

Patient improved after the second follow up. In between he had become quite irregular with medicines. During this phase of irregularity, he experienced aggravation of the disease. He complained of development of two new patches of psoriasis on legs and hand. He was explained about benefits of being regular with the follow ups and taking regular medication for the disease.

On 16th January, 2012 patient happily gave us a testimonial that at Life Force, under the treatment of Dr Rajesh Shah he was completely treated for his psoriasis.

Here, it is very important to note that this patient was not administered any immunosuppressants because he had never opted for conventional medicines. Prolonged use of immunosuppressants make the process of recovery with homeopathic medicines difficult and time consuming.

Thus the results with homeopathic medicines in this particular case were very quick and good.

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