26 years old doctor experienced 90% recovery from chronic, obstinate Psoriasis.

Dr. P. G. J. (Patient Identification Number - 16776) visited our centre on 24th August, 2011 with her complaints of chronic, steroid masked lichenified Psoriasis eruptions on legs, arms and elbows. She had been suffering since more than 10 years.

They would itch occasionally. There were thickened eruptions which were bilaterally symmetrical. There were also few healed hyper pigmented eruptions around the ankle and hands. She had been continuously applying salicylic acid ointment since past 3 years. In the past she had applied loads of steroid based creams and taken oral medications. These medicines could not heal the psoriasis completely and it would resurface with a stronger intensity when the conventional medicines were stopped.

It had all started when she was under stress as her parents were getting mutually separated. She was then sent to Russia for medical studies which was again stressful.

Adjusting in a foreign land had its own problems and stress.

Her appetite was average with liking for spicy and salty food. Her thirst was reduced. She would perspire profusely. She was sensitive to warm temperature.

Her mother was a retired government employee. She was staying with her mother.

She had felt unloved in her childhood as her parents inter personal relations were not cordial. She was a reserved and introvert person. At present she had no major worries as she was well settled with a job in an esteemed hospital.

Her mother and maternal grand father suffered from high blood pressure.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed a research based medicines. She was explained mild resurfacing anticipated as she had been on local cortisone for a long time. She was adviced to taper the usage of this ointment gradually.

After 4 months of medication (12/12/11) – she reported with no major change in her complaints. There was a mild increase in few spots. Her case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and medicines were upgraded.

After 8 months of medication (11/4/12) – she was 25% relieved of her complaints. The spots on the elbows were significantly reduced. The itching and scaling had also reduced. The spots on the ankle were drying. There were no new active spots appearing.

After 11 months of medication (27/7/12) – she reported with overall 50% improvement. The spots on the forearms had completely recovered. The ankle eruptions were better by 40%. The scaling and itching were better by 70%.

After 14 months of medication (8/10/12) – she reported 90% recovery. The eruptions were healed. The skin was smooth and there was no itching or scaling. The post healed hyperpigmented spots were present. No disease activity was noted.

She is still continuing the medicines to achieve further recovery.

This case illustrates the efficacy of slow, steady and long lasting improvement in such difficult, obstinate skin disorder which had been made complex with application of loads of steroids.

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