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A retired professor of Delhi availed our online treatment on 12th April, 2010 for his Hepatitis C.

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Mr. P. K. A. (Patient Identification Number - 13582) was diagnosed with Hepatitis C on 18th June 2009. He had been operated for kidney stones in 1984. Due to some complication his left kidney had to be removed and around 40 units of blood was given.

He then went into acute renal failure, but recovered in 3 months. He was probably suspecting this to be the source of his infection. His recent viral load was 423000. His SGOT and SGPT were also very high. He complained of reduced appetite and fatigue.
He was taking some liver tonics and ayurvedic medicines.

He liked sweets, fruits and normal food. He was sensitive to both the temperature extremes.

He was residing in his home town in UP after retirement with his wife. He had 2 sons and a daughter. They all were working in Gurgaon. He worked as a lecturer in an esteemed institute in Delhi and had retired last year.

He was silent and depressed by nature. His daughter had not been married and that was a stress for him.

His past medical history included 3 another operations. He was operated for ureter in 1990. His gall bladder had been removed in 2008. His prostrate was operated in 2006.

His case details and reports were studied by Dr. Shah and were prescribed some research based medicines.

After 2 months of medication he reported on 12th June, 2010 with mild improvement. His SGOT and SGPT were slightly improved.
After 6 months of medication his viral load had increased to 1060000. His SGOT and SGPT levels kept on fluctuating by 10-15 points. His case was reviewed and potency upgraded and necessary changes made in the prescription.

After 12 months of treatment (21/4/11) the viral load had reduced to 876000. He was feeling improvement in his diet.

After 1.8 years medication (20/12/11) his viral load had significantly reduced to 172000. His symptoms of fatigue and reduced appetite were also considerably better. His Liver Function test still showed some fluctuation by 5 – 7 points.

After 2.5 years medication (July 2012) his viral load was reported as 11071. It had significantly reduced and the patient was very happy with the improvement.

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