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A 26 yr old Ms U.S (Pin No 7544) with a known case of 'Minimal Change Nephrotic Syndrome' with history of Pulmonary Tuberculosis.



A 26 year old Miss U.S (Patient Ref No: 7544) presented with a known case of nephrotic syndrome since two years. She had complaints of swelling on her face and all over the body, which were particularly aggravated in the morning and on waking. She also had burning micturition. All complaints relapsed with the stoppage of steroids.

Her urine was very scanty and frothy. She had no burning or haematuria (blood in urine). In 2003, she had increased protein loss and it was diagnosed as ‘Minimal Change Nephrotic Syndrome’.

Her associated complaints were breathlessness on minimal exertion. She also complained of nausea but without vomiting, which was aggravated in the morning. She had distension of abdomen with a frequent urge to pass stool. She suffered from pain in the abdomen (hypogastrium, umbilical region) and was diagnosed as gastritis. She had sensation of fullness in the abdomen. Her Nausea was aggravated in the morning. Her thirst had increased. She had frequent urination. She had mild swelling on both the lower limbs since 4-5 days.

Her menstrual complaints involved oligomenorrhoea. She also had amenorrhoea (absent menses) since 3 months. She had scanty menses with dysmenorrhoea (painful menses). During menses, she complained of frequent stools, which were sticky with increased flatulence and acidity.

She was suffering from recurrent boils in vulva and axillae. Eruptions used to suppurate and subside within 4-5 days.

Her appetite was diminished. Very little food used to fill her stomach. She was very fond of sweets and was averse to spicy food. She had excessive thirst since a week. She could not tolerate cold in general. She had disturbed sleeping patterns, wherein she used to scream in sleep. She also had a habit of walking in sleep (somnambulism).

She had previous history of pulmonary tuberculosis. Her father was hypertensive. Her brother had suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis and eczema. Her maternal uncle had suffered from Asthma. There was no history of any other major illness in the family.

Her renal biopsy revealed minimal change increase or membranous glomerulonephritis. In 2003, her 24 hrs urine protein was 3 gm %, whereas her 24 hr urine protein in 2005 was 79.5 mg %.

She stayed with her parents and brothers. She was very reserved and stubborn. She was very depressed and pessimistic about her illness and had lost hope of recovery. Lately she preferred to be alone. She feared cockroaches and lizards. She also complained of not feeling fresh. She was very indecisive.
After a detailed case history, she was prescribed individualised homeopathic treatment. Within three months of treatment, her symptoms of oedema, weakness, tiredness, cramps, hypogastric pain and recurrent boils in the vulva were relieved. After about a year, she had a relapse of pulmonary Koch’s and pleural effusion. She is currently on anti Koch’s treatment.

She has been also continuing homeopathic treatment for nephrotic syndrome along with her Pulmonary TB.

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