A seventy years old gentleman found remarkable recovery in rapidly progressing oral Lichen Planus (LP), with Dr. Rajesh Shah's research based homeopathy.

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Mr. N.G.S (Patient Identification Number 12497) was suffering from oral Lichen Planus since 6 months. He was having whitish erosions of LP on tongue and inner side of lower lip. He would get severe burning inside the mouth while eating. He was also getting dark, hyperpigmented lesions of Lichen Planus Pigmentosa (LPP) on his neck, face, arms and scalp.

LPP was increasing since 1-2 months. Itching was there on the neck and face. He had suffered from Depression 6 months back, for which he had taken anti-depressants.

For the oral LP and LPP, Mr. N.G.S had taken vitamin supplements along with other allopathic medicines. In spite of the medication, his LP was increasing gradually. He was facing difficulty in eating on account of the burning pain. His general health was also deteriorated. One of his friends, who was getting treated at Life Force for his Psoriasis, suggested him to consult Dr. Rajesh Shah. He visited Life Force on 7th August 2009. His case details were taken.

His appetite was average. He was fond of sweets. He would not like spocy food much. Thirst and bowel habits were normal. He would perspire more on face. He was more tolerant to warm weather. Sleep was sound.

Mr. N.G.S was a retired businessman. He had undergone lot of stress in his life. He had lost his father in early childhood. He had to take responsibilities of family and business. He had undergone major loss in business. He could not take that shock, had suffered from Depression. He had lost his wife 2 years back. He would feel more lonely after her death. He was very aggressive and dominant by nature. He would like to take risks. After the business loss, he had become much introverted. He would not react to anything, he would let things go. He had started spending most of his time in religious things. He was frustrated with his LP and would feel why I am suffering from such disease.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Rajesh Shah. He was prescribed constitutional medicines along with research based homeopathic medicines. In first 6 weeks of the treatment, there was not much relief in his complaints. He submitted his first progress report on 25th September 2009. Burning in mouth was same. He had not developed any new lesions of LPP on skin. His feedback was studied and medicines were upgraded.

On 15th January 2010, he reported 20-30% improvement in his oral LP. Burning had reduced by 20-30%. His appetite had improved. Itching on the skin was reduced by 50-60%. Hyperpigmented lesions had started fading. On 27th September 2010, her reported 50-60% improvement in his oral LP. Burning was better by 50-60%. Whitish lesions inside the mouth had started healing.

Skin pigmentation was reduced by 50-60%. On 7th December 2010, he reported that there was no further improvement in his oral LP. LPP was stable, but there was no further improvement. His case was reviewed and revised medicines were prescribed.

On 20th April 2011, he reported 70-80% improvement in his LP. Whitish lesions inside the mouth were 70-80% healed. Burning had reduced considerably. By 5th June 2011, he was 90-95% recovered from his oral LP and LPP. Mouth lesions were 95% healed.

There was only mild burning after taking spicy food. LPP was completely healed. Mr. N.G.S was very satisfied with the treatment. He could regain his confidence.

Case study by Dr. G.J.

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