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A case of 25 year old Mr V.S (Pin No L-7678) reported with a known case of nephrotic Syndrome, suffering from a relapse every two months.



This is the case of a 25 year old Mr V.S (Patient Ref No: L-7678) who reported to the clinic with a known case of Nephrotic Syndrome since 10 years, suffering with a relapse every two months for about 4-5 days. He suffered from swelling of ankles and feet, which severely aggravated after 6 pm.

Along with his urinary complaints, he also had marked breathlessness with cough and chest congestion. All his complaints aggravated in the morning and while ascending stairs.

He also suffered from giddiness, which aggravated when standing or sitting. He also had severe backache and severe throbbing pain in the abdomen increased especially in the morning. He had vomiting spells particularly after drinking water. He had sour eructations. He had watery stools with burning epigastrium and pain in the retrosternal region particularly after 6 pm.

He had developed a nasopharyngeal abscess 7 years back. He also had osteomyelitis of clivus during the same time.

He was a very timid person. He used to have great difficulty in approaching anyone even for work. He feared interacting with others by taking initiative. He had marked anxiety before starting any new work but eventually managed it well. He had suffered from a great deal of depression in the past one year. He had lost many good job opportunities because he failed the medical tests undertaken. He had developed a lot of nervousness due to the instability in his career. On account of this, he had started to feel a lot of hopelessness. His school life was very stressful. He was under lot of financial stress as his mother was the only earning member in the family and so he had to start working very early in life to fund his studies and look after the household matters. Generally, he used to get angry by any contradiction. He expressed by talking to the concerned person. He used to have a lot of trembling with anger. He desired company. He had marked weeping tendency. On seeing someone hurt, he used to cry. He used to feel relieved by consolation.

His father had expired 19 years back at the age of 36, having suffered from an acute myocardial infarction. His paternal grandmother was suffering from asthma. His paternal aunt had leukaemia. There was no history of any other major illnesses in the family.

His medical examination records showed acute tubular damage due to acute renal failure. His 24 hrs urine albumin was 3680 mg.

After detailed case taking, he was prescribed individualised homeopathic treatment. After two months of homeopathic treatment, there was marked reduction in the puffiness of face and swelling of ankles. Within four months of treatment, there were no traces of albumin in urine and the general condition of the patient improved remarkably.

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