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An intelligent, anxious IT professional experienced 90% relief for his ‘incurable’ Seborrhoeic Dermatitis with Dr. Shah’s treatment.

Mr. S. B. C. (Patient Identification Number - 17264) visited Lifeforce center on 16th October, 2011. He was suffering from Seborrhoeic Dermatitis since 4 years, but it had aggravated since 2 years. It was controlled by continuous usage of steroid based creams for the past 2 years. At present he presented with mild few boil like eruptions on scalp. The other areas like arms, chest, back, forehead, arm pits and behind ears were healed due to the application of creams. The itching was mild. There was no oozing, bleeding or flaking. The condition would aggravate in summer season and by sweating. He would perspire profusely on scalp, face and arm pits. He also suffered from severe hair fall which lead to the vertex balding. He was developing male pattern baldness. His appetite was average with no specific liking or disliking. He would occasionally drink alcohol. Though he would sweat profusely, he was sensitive to cold weather. He was staying with his wife and 2 children. He was an IT professional. His wife was a home maker. He had a 10 years old son and a 7 years old daughter. His was a nuclear family, while his parents resided in other city. He described himself as a ‘restless and anxious person’. He would easily get worried on small matters. He was much tensed when he visited our clinic as one of his treating skin specialists had said that his disease is incurable. He was stressed regarding his disease. When he had searched the internet and read about Lifeforce he was keen to meet Dr. Shah and was assured of a slow and excellent recovery. He had a benign tumor in the nape of neck which was operated in 1992. He had suffered from Diphtheria in his childhood. His mother suffered from Arthritis and hypothyroidism.

His case details were studied by Dr. Shah and was prescribed Sulphur 30c single dose and few research based medicines.

He was assured of a slow but definite recovery by Dr. Shah. As he had been applying steroid creams he was explained of an anticipated increased in his condition due to gradual tapering of the conventional medicines.

After 3 months of medication (10/12/11) – he reported with considerable improvement. The old healed eruptions had resurfaced. The symptom pattern had changed to dryness, flakes rather than oozing. There was hyper pigmentation on the forehead, arm pits and behind ears. The itching was noted only on scalp and arm pits. The hair loss did not show much improvement as the disease was active in scalp.

After 6 months of medication (13/4/12) – he reported with significant recovery in the back, chest, fore arm, fore head and arm pit regions. The scalp had improved further. There was no dryness or flakes but itching was persistent. As this was the summer season he was more anxious and worried as summers had always been troublesome for him.

The hyper pigmentation had significantly reduced on the fore head and behind the ears.

He visited on 13th June, 2012 and was further improved. This summer season did not bother him much. The condition was stable.

The perspiration did aggravate the itching but was controllable. The hyper pigmentation had further reduced. The scalp itching was considerably less. The dryness and roughness improved further.

There was no visible hair loss. After a year’s medication he reported of 90% improvement.

The skin had recovered completely.

The scalp was better but with some mild flare ups which were self limiting.


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