Case-2: Homeopathy shows good improvement in genetic condition like Hailey Hailey disease

A 35 years aged lady Mrs. P.C. (Patient Identification Number 12980) reported to the center on 30 November 2009. She was suffering from Hailey Hailey disease, a rare genetic condition. She has lesions on the neck, groin, folds of her elbows and chest. She had intolerable itching since last five years. She has been on cortisone and antiseptic creams ever since, without significant relief. Her lesions had only spread despite treatment. She approached Dr. Rajesh Shah for treatment. A patient who had been treated by Dr Shah for Psoriasis referred her to us.

She was also first misdiagnosed as psoriasis; however a biopsy had confirmed Hailey Hailey disease. This disease often resembles psoriasis. Her skin lesions had a foul smell, there was oozing. She had severe burning sensation in the affected parts. During the phases of flare-ups, she would have great difficulty even while walking. ?
The itching was more at night and she had observed that eating sour food triggered a flare up. It also flared up in the summer. She also had severe dandruff since the last ten years.

She was sensitive to heat, sun and summer season. She felt generally better in the winter. Her appetite, sleep, motions were normal.
She had a loss of libido, due to affections on the genitals.

She resided in a joint family set up. Her husband was a cloth trader. There were sixteen family members in the home. There were well off financially. She was a traditional housewife. She was the eldest daughter-in-law and she was responsible for the smooth running of the house. She had good relations with every one in the family.

She was always worried over small things. She was over burdened with work. She had to take care of the elderly in the house, their health issues; taking them to the doctors etc. She had to deal with impatient kids and their whims and fancies. She wanted her husband to help her in the home, but he was busier in building up his business. This had led to resentment within.

At the time of her second pregnancy, she was advised for a cesarean section. She wanted her husband to be besides her; however, he was out of station. There were a few pregnancy related mishaps in her family in the past, and so she was very apprehensive. She was weeping. She wanted her husband to be besides her. However, that did not happen. This led to severe stress.

She had a smooth delivery. However, the stress triggered the first episode of Hailey Hailey disease. Gradually the lesions started to spread. Within a few years, it had become a major health issue for her.

She had been treated by the best of dermatologists in Mumbai. However, there was no respite. She had lost all hopes of recovery. In the last few months, she had become sensitive to cold. She faced recurrent secondary infections in the existing skin lesions. She had required antibiotics on several occasions. Her father was suffering from diabetes and mother was suffering from Asthma. There was a family history of psoriasis and eczema.

Dr Shah examined her and said that we will try to give all possible help. He took up the treatment with the aim of giving some control in the spread and some relief in the skin condition. Dr Shah also admitted of little experience in treating Hailey Hailey disease, due to its rarity.

Dr Shah prescribed Psorinum 1M, given in two powder doses along with some research based remedies on 30 November 2010. She reported again on 22 June 2010. She reported 75% improvement in the skin condition. The dose was repeated. She reported very good response to the treatment. The severe condition became mild in intensity. She still had lesions but they were very subdued.

Homeopathy has disease-modifying capacities in several difficult disease conditions. Even in this genetic condition, there were certain triggers, which lead to the initiation and progression of the disease. These were understood, her emotional state was deciphered and then she was treated with the best suitable homeopathic remedy. It gave her very good relief in just eight months.

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