Case-4: Severe sinusitis with breathlessness reduced around 70% with Dr. Shah's homeopathy treatment

Twenty-six years old Mr. S. M .B. (Patient Identification Number- 13510) visited Life Force clinic on 27th March 2010. He was suffering from Asthma with Sinusitis since four years. He complained of these complaints during winter and change of weather. He complained of nose obstruction only during winter. He experienced difficulty while breathing. Such episodes occurred once in fifteen days and lasted for two days. He had to take Seroflo inhaler and conventional medication.

He had good appetite and liked eating chicken. He did not sweat much. His bowel movements, urine were normal. He preferred cold weather.

He was working in a software company as data base administrator. His family consisted of parents and a sister. His sister was married and settled.

He was helping and impulsive by nature. He participated in many social issues to help people. This would occasionally cause conflicts and he would react impulsively. He was short tempered.

Dr. Shah prescribed him research-based medication along with Kali bichromicum in medium potency after studying his case in detail.

He reported via online patient support system on 5th may 2010. He had improved considerable. The episodes of sinusitis and asthma had reduced. He would still have to take conventional medication and inhaler. He reported again on 20th July 2010. He had significant improvement. His episodes of sinusitis and breathlessness had reduced around 75%. He continued the medication for further recovery.

On his follow up on 18th March 2011. His breathlessness and sinusitis had increased, as it was winter. He had to take inhaler and conventional medication. Dr. Shah made necessary changes in his prescription.

He reported around 50% improvement in his complaints on 9th May 2011.His breathless was in control and he had good improvement in his complaint of sinusitis.

After one year on 12th May 2012 he reported that his episodes of breathlessness and sinusitis had reduced considerably. He did not require inhaler or conventional medications even if the episodes occurred as they were mild and self limiting.

He reported on 23rd July 2013 that his complaint of breathlessness and sinusitis had reduced in frequency. He got one or two episodes in a year instead of once in fifteen days. When he got the episodes they were mild and the intensity had reduced around 70%. He would not need conventional medication or inhalers.

He is still continuing medications for complete recovery.

Uploaded by Dr. I. R. on 18th March 2014.

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