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70% Relief In Asthmatic Bronchitis Found In 7 Months Of Homeopathic Treatment

An 18-year-old girl, Ms. K.S. (PIN: 38320) visited the Borivali branch with her father on 21st October 2018. She was suffering from asthmatic bronchitis from the last five years. She would experience three to four episodes of asthmatic bronchitis in a month. It would start with a cold and cough. The expectoration after coughing up would be white and thin in consistency. Along with the cough, she would also experience breathlessness after coughing. There was a rattling cough and wheezing during the episodes. Occasionally, she would get a fever during an acute episode. The frequency of acute episodes had been increasing. During the episodes, her appetite would reduce and she used to experience a lot of weakness. On examination of the chest, there was wheezing present.

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There was a genetic history of asthmatic bronchitis in her family. Her complaints used to get aggravated due to dust and pollution and after having oily food and cold drinks. She would feel better with steam inhalation. During the episodes, she required to take antibiotics. Currently, she was not on any medications.

She had a mixed diet and would love to eat spicy and sour food. She had a craving for milk and chicken. She did not like sweets. She would feel thirsty often and would drink at least three liters of water a day. She would sweat profusely and could not bear chilly weather.

She was a student studying in 11th standard and had a brother, who was a year younger to her. Her father was in service and mother was a homemaker. She had a happy and well-supported childhood and teenage.

She suffered from Pneumonitis in the past. Her father had a chronic cold and cough problem, and her paternal grandfather suffered from asthmatic bronchitis. Her maternal grandfather had diabetes mellitus and hypertension.

Ms. K.S. was an introvert and polite person. She was a little anxious. Her father said that she used to get irritated soon and had a short temper.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah, and his research-based molecules were prescribed to the patient. 

On 1st December 2018, when she visited our branch for the follow-up, she said there was 10% improvement in her relief from asthmatic bronchitis. She had experienced only two episodes since the time she started with the treatment i.e. two episodes in one and a half months. Her relief from a cough, expectoration, and breathlessness was better. She also mentioned that the intensity of her episodes had reduced. Her appetite was getting better too. 

During her second follow-up on 9th Jan 2019, she was 75% better. There were no acute episodes experienced by her. There was no cold, cough, breathlessness, or wheezing affecting her. The weakness, that she had, had reduced too.

On 19th February 2019, she reported saying there was one episode since the last feedback. This episode had occurred after having a banana. But, the intensity of breathlessness and wheezing was much less than before.

Ms. K.S. reported on 1st April 2019 over the phone for her feedback. She said there were no episodes experienced by her in the last one and a half months. There were no cold or wheezing episodes affecting her anymore.

On 24th May 2019, she reported saying she was further better. She had not suffered from any episodes from the last three months. There was no cold, cough, breathlessness, or wheezing affecting her. Her appetite was good, and she was not feeling weak anymore.

Ms. K.S. is very happy with the treatment and still continues to take the homeopathic medicines. She hopes to recover completely with homeopathic medicines.

This case illustrates that homeopathic medicines help in treating asthmatic bronchitis by reducing the frequency and intensity of episodes remarkably and safely without any side-effects.

Written by Dr. Chetali Damania, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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