Case-5: Sinusitis completely recovered. Mother was happy as he could concentrate on his studies again

Sinusitis and coldsTwelve years old child Mr. A. S. (Patient Identification Number- 13305) visited our clinic on 8th of February 2010.He was suffering from sinusitis since childhood. His complaints used to start with cold and coryza. The mucous used to get accumulated in his nose, which was offensive in odor. After which he had pain in maxillary sinus i.e.-below eyes near nose. He had such episodes three to four times a year which lasted for 15 days.

Due to this complaint he used to suffer from excessive headache due to which his performance in school had started deteriorating. His grades were dropping, as he could not concentrate in his studies.

His appetite was good. He had no specific likes but he disliked spicy food as it caused acidity. He had profuse perspiration on his palms and soles. His bowel movements and urine was normal. His sleep was sound. He consumed adequate quantity of water daily.

He was a reserved and timid child. He was hesitant in talking to others. He was slow in doing all his work and also in grasping studies. He was intelligent but due to his complaint his grades had started declining.

His father was suffering from sinusitis and male pattern baldness. His mother was also suffering from sinusitis and acidity.

Dr. Shah prescribed him research-based medication, with Silica 100c, after studying his case in detail.

He reported on 27th March 2010. He had started improving. His intensity of headache had reduced considerably.

He reported on 7th June 2010. His headache had reduced around 75% as whenever he had cold and coryza there was no obstruction of nose. There was thick yellow expectoration. He reported on 3rd August 2010. His complaints were still same. He still had 75% improvement. Dr. Shah upgraded his medication.

His parents informed via telephone that he had completely recovered. His frequency of cold and coryza had reduced and whenever he got such complaints there was no expectoration from his nose, so sinusitis was completely recovered. Mother was happy as he could now concentrate in his studies again as his complaint of headache was no longer bothering him.

Uploaded by Dr. I. R. on 18th March 2014.

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