Case-1: Ulcer completely healed in 4 weeks in case of varicose vein

60 year old lady, Mrs. A. S. B. (Patient reference number: L8661) came to us with a complaint of a non-healing Varicose Ulcer. She had a Varicose Ulcer on her Left ankle since 10 years. She had performed an Endovenous Laser Procedure 10 months ago for the ulcer and it had healed completely after the surgery. But 5-6 months after the surgery she developed the ulcer again on the left ankle joint. She was again advised surgery by her treating Interventional Cardiologist [CVTS Surgeon]. At this point the patient refused to go in for another surgery and instead opted for homoeopathic treatment. She had been prescribed broad spectrum antibiotics for a month without any benefit. On examination she had a varicose ulcer on the left ankle with redness, tenderness and heat of the affected part. There was also some oozing of discharge from the ulcer.

She was an obese, vegetarian lady with a normal appetite. She had liking for sweets and dislike for salty foods. She was sensitive to cold climate in general. Her sleep was sound and she would occasionally dream of urinating.

She stayed with her husband, who worked as an accountant. She had 3 daughters, who were married. Previously she lived in a joint family set up. She had done tremendous hard work all her life. She had experienced lots of hardship, doing all the household chores of 10- 12 family members by herself. This included cooking, washing clothes, cleaning utensils and cleaning the house. Her mother in law was a critical and nagging lady, who gave her a very hard time; patient would feel tortured by her attitude.

She not only bore the misery in silence but she also served her mother in law faithfully till her end. She would feel let down by her brothers-in-law whom she nursed as her own children. They were in good financial positions and despite the patient having done a lot for them, they did not care for her and her husband, on the contrary they would say that she had not done anything for them She also had anxiety about her daughters.

She had not suffered from any major illness in the past except Fibroid of uterus for which she had undergone Hysterectomy. Her parents had died of cardiac arrest and apart from this there was no history of any other illness in the family.

Reports of her investigations:
Doppler Findings:
Incompetence of sapheno- feromal and popliteal short saphenous junction is seen.
Endovenous Laser Procedure Report: Closure of superficial varicosities and perforators in Left leg Great Saphenous Vein [GSV] observed by Ultrasound after completion of procedure.

Dr Shah studied the case at Life Force, based on the above history. She was prescribed Kreosote 200 for the non-healing varicose ulcer. She reported about a week later with some improvement in the pain of the ulcer. Later she was prescribed Hepar Sulph 1M along with the previous medicine. After about another 4 weeks of medication, her ulcer was completely healed. She was asked to continue medication for some more time to prevent further relapse of the complaints.

Case studies of Varicose ulcers: Case 1, Case 2 Case 3 Case 4

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