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Case-1: My blood pressure is normal and I'm free from vertigo

(Vertigo being a common condition, we have treated a large number of cases. This case is just an illustrative case.)

Mr. CVR, 72 years old gentlemen, a retired quality control manager in a large petroleum company, presented at Life Force with the following complaints:

  • Vertigo since six months
  • High blood pressure since over five years, on medication
  • >Diminished hearing since over 30 years

We decided to work on his vertigo and blood pressure, as his blood pressure rise was relatively of recent origin, which fell into a treatable condition.

He experienced vertigo once in two to three days, lasting for about 40 minutes. It was a sense of imbalance, spinning in head with blurring of vision. It was about seven, moderate to severe, on a scale of 1 to 10. He would feel giddy on turning to right side, especially in the bed. While having giddiness, if he lies down in the bed, on his back, keeping his head downwards, he would feel better. This was a finer detail collected which is called ‘modality’ in technical homeopathic language.

He was already receiving certain conventional medicines for vertigo, which had brought his vertigo under control the extent stated above; and not beyond that, which brought him to opt for homeopathy.

His blood pressure was 160/90, elevated, in spite of on conventional anti-hypertensive medicine from a cardiologist. He also reported that his blood pressure remained around the same high levels on most occasions, whenever routinely checked by his family physician.

On the whole, he was a tall framed person with strict vegetarian food habits. He loved extra salt. He was oversensitive to heat. No other specific physical features.

He lived with his family consisting of his wife, son and daughter-in-law.

On the mental front, he was noted to be cool tempered, religious, reserved, introvert, little shy and pleasant. He had good memory.

He had a recent history of stress whereby the building in which he lived for most years of his life, was undertaken for demolition and re-construction. This led to some disturbance and somewhat insecurity for over a year and half. He did feel deep apprehension which disturbed his sleep at times.

He did not suffer with any significant disease in the past, except cataract in both eyes, for which he was operated. This history has certain significance in prescribing.

He did not have major diseases in the family. It may be pointed out that the personal and family history of various serious diseases, what may have some bearing in understanding the genetic tendencies in a given patient.

The focus of treating was Vertigo and Hypertension in his case.

Based on the totality of his disease + individual case study, some research based (new) medicine along with other homeopathic medicine called Baryta carobonicum were selected and prescribed in suitable doses.

In about eight week time, his vertigo almost completely disappeared. His blood pressure reduced and maintained at around 144/80; interestingly, his conventional anti-hypertensive medicine was stopped by patient, without intimation!

His case has been followed up regularly. The final report on October 31, 2008, he is free from vertigo, maintaining normal blood pressure all this time (without conventional anti-hypertensive medicine) and enjoying good health.

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