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Case-1: A practicing ayurvedic doctor finds amazing relief in chronic constipation of 40 years with homeopathy!!!

A practicing ayurvedic doctor finds amazing relief in chronic constipation of 40 years with homeopathy!!! 

Dr. A R T, a sixty six years old ayurvedic doctor (Patient Identification Number: 22466) visited Life Force on 18th March 2014 with multiple complaints of chronic constipation, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and gastritis. His chronic constipation had troubled him the most since last forty years for which he sought treatment. He used to get severely constipated at least two times in a year, and he would not pass stools for four consecutive days. Since last fifteen days, the intensity had become very severe. The stools were soft and satisfactory but the frequency was two to three times in a day. He experienced pain and burning around anus while passing stools and it would last for about four hours. He even suffered from fissure-in-ano attributed to the chronic constipation, because of which he would suffer from itching around anus and he would also bleed occasionally. He was on laxatives since last ten years without relief. He had taken homeopathic treatment in the past with partial improvement.

He had hypertension and hypercholesterolemia since last twenty to twenty five years, wherein the blood pressure and cholesterol levels were kept under control with conventional medicines.

Recently, he had also developed acidity and gas problem for which he was taking conventional antacid medicines on a daily basis.

He did not have any major illness in past.

His father passed away due to cancer of the intestines. No other major illnesses in family were reported.

He was a fair complexioned person with average physical structure. He was a vegetarian with an adequate appetite. He was more sensitive to hot weather. His sleep, urination and perspiration were normal.

He was a senior ayurvedic doctor with a flourishing practice in Mumbai. His family consisted of his wife and two sons. His wife was a home-maker. His elder son was working with IBM and his younger son was a pursuing MDS in Russia.

He was very sensitive and emotional by nature. Although he was happy and settled in his life, with no major stress, he would constantly keep worrying about something. The only worries he had were regarding his sons' future in terms of their career and marriage.

With all these details, his case was analyzed by Dr. Shah and he was prescribed Alumina 30c along with one of his research based molecules for six weeks. He was also advised the necessary dietary changes to be made and some general exercises were demonstrated.

Six weeks later, on 5th May 2014, he visited clinic for his first follow up. He informed that the constipation and fissure problem was unchanged but the frequency of stool had reduced. Initially he had to go three to four times to pass stools, but it had reduced to once in a day. Burning was less in anus as compared to before. Acidity and bloating in abdomen were improved as well. Dr. Shah upgraded the medicines to enhance the ongoing improvement.

In the next follow up which was on 4th of August 2014 he mentioned that the constipation had improved by almost fifty percent. He had stopped taking laxatives since a month and had no problems in passing stools. The complaint of bloating of abdomen had subsided completely. Acidity was much better than before but he continued taking conventional antacids on a daily basis as he had got habituated to it. Hypercholesterolemia and hypertension were under control with conventional medicines.

He visited on 10th November 2014, for the next follow up. He was happy to inform that the chronic constipation had improved and also the frequency of antacids had gone down to once in two to three days. His sleep was getting normal which was disturbed before starting our treatment. He was very happy with the treatment and the positive results.

On 3rd February 2015, he visited clinic for his final follow up. His complaints were eighty percent better. The chronic constipation of forty years was seventy to eighty percent better in just a year. He had totally discontinued the laxatives which he was so habituated to since a long time. Acidity improved considerably. He was feeling fresh and energetic with the treatment.

He was very much thankful to Dr. Shah and Life force team as because of them his chronic constipation problem got an effective solution. His rectal muscles got an improved tone with homeopathic medicines because of which he was no more dependent on external laxatives. He was advised to continue with the dietary advice and the exercises to maintain the tone of the rectal muscles.

This case study highlights the role of homeopathy in cases like constipation. It brings relief by stimulating the body’s own healing powers. As a result the normal functioning of the body is restored without the assistance of external substitutes such as laxatives which give only temporary relief.

(Case study uploaded by Dr. A U on 11th September 2015)

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