Multiple, Recurrent Boils treated In 4 Months By Homeopathy Without Any Antibiotics

Mrs. B.M.S (PIN 19783) was suffering from recurrent boils for the last 8 months. She used to get small boils on her back, abdomen, and thighs. It would start with a small, raised eruption, which was followed by pus formation. It would burst and leave behind scar marks after healing. She used to suffer from burning pain. Itching was present on the scar marks causing discomfort. She was getting such boils almost after every 2-3 days, and they would last for a week

She was taking antibiotics for 3-5 days during every episode and would apply steroidal cream. It was giving her temporary relief, but it was unable to prevent the recurrence. She wanted to get it treated permanently. She was referred to Dr. Rajesh Shah by her family physician. She visited Life Force on 29th August 2012. Her case details were taken by the associate doctor. 

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She was a vegetarian. She had an average appetite. She was fond of sweets. Her thirst and bowel habits were normal. Perspiration was profuse on her back and neck. She would feel more comfortable in the warm weather. Her sleep was sound. She had a family history of cancer.

Mrs. B.M.S was a retired lady staying in a nuclear family with her husband and son. She was in the US for almost 20 years. After retirement, she had shifted to India. She had anxiety and concerns for her family, especially concern about her son. She always liked to be busy at work. She was fastidious. She would easily mix with others. She would like to spend her free time reading books. She was frustrated because of her recurrent boils and wanted a permanent solution for it.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case in detail and examined her. Constitutional medicine along with patented medicine was prescribed to her. She responded very well to the treatment. On 4th October 2012, she reported a 50%-60% improvement in her boils. She had boils twice in the last six weeks, and they lasted for 3-5 days. The intensity of burning pain was reduced by 50%. She did not take any antibiotics. Her feedback was studied and medicines were upgraded.

She reported an 80% improvement on 20th November 2012. The frequency of boils was further reduced to once in six weeks. The intensity of pain was reduced by 80%. Scar marks were reduced. She did not need antibiotics in the last four months. She was very satisfied with the treatment. She is still under the care of Dr. Rajesh Shah for complete recovery.


Homeopathy works effectively in treating recurrent boils and provides you a great relief from the discomfort, resulting due to the boils

(Written by Dr. G. J., Associate Dr to Dr. Rajesh Shah)

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