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Homeopathy Successfully Treated A Kid’s Extensive Lichen Planus In Six Months

A cute little girl visited Life Force (Patient identification number- 22890) on 5th June 2014 with the complaints of extensive lichen planus present all over her body except on her face. There were multiple small thick hyperpigmented eruptions on her arms, legs, abdomen, and back. It was accompanied by a lot of itching and burning. The itching was so severe that it would prevent her from going to sleep. Her parents would stay awake all the night to find all possible ways of soothing her. All possible medications were taken. The topical steroids and internal intake of steroids would help, but, after stopping the medicines, the eruptions would flare up intensely.

On inquiring the cause of the disease, a cause was found which could trigger the disease on a bigger scale in a small child like her. There was also no history of lichen planus in the family. She was suffering from it since six months, where there was a rapid development of the disease and parents were worried since nothing was helping their child get relief.

Physical Generals:

The child was dominantly a non-vegetarian by diet as she would crave for chicken and fish. She had a strong dislike for milk. On inquiring about her water intake, her mother said that she would not drink an adequate amount of water. She would profusely sweat all over the body.

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Past History:

There was no major illness in the past

Family History:

Child’s paternal and maternal grandparents were suffering from diabetes. 

Self And Family Set-Up:

She lived in a family of three, where she was the only child of her parents. Her father was an agriculture consultant, and her mother was a primary teacher. The child was studying in senior kg. 

By nature, she was a bright child. Her father described her to be more matured than peers of her age.


Anxious parents of the child had many queries regarding their daughter’s disease. They were educated regarding lichen planus. After reviewing the case, Dr. Shah prescribed the patient with research-based medicines.    


The patient visited for her follow-up on 19th August 2014. The first follow-up was a remarkable one that showed 80% improvement in the relief from eruptions. The parents were surprised and happy to see this rapid improvement in such a short time of treatment. The eruptions were so well healed that they did not leave any scar marks behind. Her itching had reduced significantly. The patient was prescribed with the same set of medicines which had helped her miraculously.

The second follow-up was informed on the phone on 12th November 2014, and it revealed that there was a mild increase in the eruptions due to an episode of fever for which antibiotics were taken. The patient’s parents were well informed about the triggering factors of the disease. And, antibiotics are known triggering factor for lichen planus. The medicines were prescribed accordingly.

When the patient visited for her follow-up on 27th December 2014, the patient’s parents informed that the eruptions were completely recovered and only some hyperpigmented spots were remaining. There was no itching or any discomfort whatsoever. Parents were elated after seeing such a rapid recovery in their daughter’s extensive obstinate disease.  


This case depicts the efficacy of homeopathic medicines in such deep-seated chronic obstinate cases. This case proves that homeopathy has an upper hand compared to the conventional mode of treatment. Homeopathy is strongly recommended as the first line of treatment for extensive lichen planus. Results may vary from one patient to another.

- Written by Dr. Kanchan, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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