Case-2: Homeopathy preffered more than chemotherapy and conventional medicines for cancer

A middle-aged lady Mrs J.M.M. (Patient Identification Number 12531) was undergoing the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis at Life Force in August 2009. She had been suffering from Ulcerative colitis since 1996, i.e. since the last thirteen years.


She complained of loose motions, 6-7 times a day and pain in the abdomen. She would also get involuntary stools. She was also experiencing severe weakness and her blood pressure was low.


She was on Tablet Walasa (400 mg) Mesalazine (Mesalamine) 400 mg , two tablets three times a day and tab Omnacortil 10 mg once a day. The patient had been on tab Omnacortil for the last 14 years.


She was suffering from under active thyroid and she was on Eltroxin 100 mcg once a day.


Colonoscopy report dated 12/8/2009 revealed: Pan colonoscopy revealed nodularity mucosal congestion, ulceration with poor distensibility chronic resistant ulcerative colitis in entire colon from caecum to rectum with narrowing of rectum 7/8/2009

CRP-C reactive protein: 15.30
CEA carcino embryonic antigen 1.60
Stool exam revealed RBC 10-15
Pus cells 6-8
Occult blood: positive

She was a case of steroid resistant Ulcerative Colitis and she was advised surgery.


Dr Shah examined her and said that Homeopathy will have a limited role as she was on steroids for the last 14 years. Dr Shah prescribed her Sulphur 30 c none dose and Merc cor – 30c based on her symptoms. Within six months of treatment, she showed recovery of 30 %. She had normal well-formed stools, and she could reduce the dose of Omnacortil to 7.5 mg per day from 10 mg per day.


Then in August 2010, she suddenly has an increase in all her symptoms.

She again developed loose motions, and involuntary stools and bleeding and pain in the abdomen. She was advised a fresh colonoscopy by Dr Shah.


She underwent the investigations on 23-9-10. The findings were: Active ulcerative pan colitis with the nodular lesion in the rectum ? Mitotic.

Biopsy revealed Adenocarcinoma.
She was advised surgery as the last resort. However, she refused surgery. They consulted two three surgeons and cancer specialists. However, they had given up any hopes of improvement.
Finally, the patient decided against surgery and opted for Homeopathy for relief in her symptoms.

Dr Shah explained the role of homeopathy for control and symptomatic relief. And reviewed the case details and made necessary changes in her medicines in February 2011.
She showed improvement in 3- 6weeks, the bleeding reduced and the stools became semi-solid and then well formed. She still has stools 6-7 times a day, however, she did not have bleeding.


She was on regular Homeopathic treatment and was doing good with it.
However on 22 September 2011, she again got a fresh episode of bleeding.
The tumor was increasing.
The stools not clear she had to apply pressure ++ while passing stools.
There was blood while passing stools.
DATED 10-9-11
At this point, again she was advised surgery, however she refused surgery.
Dr Shah made some necessary changes in the treatment.
In September 2011.
She felt better with the medicines.
The bleeding reduced, the pain reduced.
She could pass stools easily.
She continued to be stable for the next 1 year.


She was not having any major complaints as she was on homeopathy.

On 23 October 2012, her husband reported spread in cancer in the liver and lungs.

Her husband asked for medicines for reducing the pain.

Husband said, we can never predict, how much she would live 1 month, 2 months.

Now already 2 years have passed, with the help of Homeopathy.

We must do what ever we can ...


Even in that grim situation, he acknowledged the positive effects with Homeopathy.
After that follow up, her relatives called up to stay that she had breathed her last.
For almost 2 years, this patient survived with the support of Homeopathy. She was never given chemotherapy or conventional medicines for the Cancer.

(Case study by Dr AP on 28th April 2014)

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