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Excellent and quick recovery in chronic case of frequent cold with Dr Shah's medicines.


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Mr. G. C., twenty four years old male (Patient Identification Number: 8888), residing in Mumbai, came for the treatment of recurrent rhinitis on 14th September 2009. He was suffering from frequent running nose and sneezing since eight years. There was no fever associated with running nose. Complaints increased after bathing, on waking up in morning, with dust and draft of air. Physical examination showed bilateral nasal polyps along with nasal septal deviation. He was taking allopathic treatment from his family physician as and when required. There were no other associated complaints.

He had an average appetite for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet. He had craving for chicken. Thirst was average with very less sweating. There was severe intolerance towards warm weather. Sleep was sound.

His mother was detected with breast cancer. His maternal uncle had diabetes.

He was staying with his parents and two brothers, both were married and working. He was working as a society manager

He was short tempered by nature. He disliked domination.

On basis of detail case taken he was prescribed Thuja Occidentalis 200c, Arsenicum Iodum 200c and some of Dr Shah's research based molecules.

In three weeks on 5th October 2006, there was no change in the cold with episodes occurring daily. Dr Shah made changes in the prescription accordingly. He prescribed Hepar Sulphuricum 200c along with the existing medicines.

Next three months on 12th January 2007, he reported that his allergic rhinitis was much better. There was no sneezing and running nose. He didn’t get any episode of cold in last one month. Dr Shah continued with the medicines.

He visited clinic after a period of seven years on 4th December 2014. His complaint of frequent cold was totally better. He reported that after the last batch of medicines, he stopped getting episodes of frequent colds and running nose.

His confidence had increased on LifeForce, hence he had come with a new complaint of hyper pigmentation on skin since four to six months on abdomen and forearms. Dr Shah prescribed him his research based molecules and he continued treatment for his new complaint.

Homeopathy helps to correct the imbalance in the immunity and bring complete recovery in conditions such as allergic rhinitis. The beneficial effects remain for long term with decrease in use of allopathic medicines.

(Case study by Dr M. J. uploaded on 22nd September 2015)


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